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A Tax Evasion Map of Italy

Italy’s Agenzie Delle Entrate revenue service has recently compiled a province by province map of Italy’s tax evasion hotspots.

For those who know Italy, the map holds few surprises. Italy’s south has long been known as tax-shy and the map simply confirms this.

Here are the translations of the key so you can understand where Italy’s evasion hotspots are.

  • Niente da dichiarare, alta pericolosità fiscale – “Nothing to declare?” – Evasion at or close to 100% – yellow areas.
  • Rischio totale, alta pericolosità fiscale – Major risk.
  • Metropolis, medio – alta pericolosità fiscale – Metropolis, medium-high risk.
  • Non siamo angeli, media pericolosità fiscale – We’re no angels, medium risk.
  • Rischiose abitudini, media pericolosità fiscale – Risky habits, medium risk.
  • Gli equilibristi, media pericolosità fiscale – Tightrope walkers, medium risk.
  • L’industriale, bassa pericolosità fiscale – Industrial – low risk.
  • Stanno tutti bene, bassa pericolosità fiscale – They’re all OK, low risk.
And here is the tax evasion map:
Tax Evasion Risk Map of Italy
Tax Evasion Risk Map of Italy – province by province
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This tax evasion map of Italy was created using the DBGEO geomarket database system which helps Italy’s tax authorities understand where they need to focus their anti-evasion efforts.

Useful Information for Investors

Those considering investing in Italy, perhaps by buying or financing businesses, should concentrate their efforts looking for interesting investments in the areas shown in light green.


Source: Italy’s Agenzie Delle Entrate revenue service

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