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Tax Deductible Drugs

I went to the chemists/pharmacy today to get some more cough syrup and came across the spanking new system for registering purchases from these places, which I had heard about a few days before. Now, when you pay for your drugs you can also hand over your health card – a credit card sized piece of plastic – and your ‘codice fiscale’ – tax code – will be written onto the receipt for the pills or potions you have just bought. The personalised receipt can then be passed to your accountant who will arrange to have a certain amount deducted from your income. Neat.

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This new system has been introduced, I suspect, to cut down on tax fiddles because in the past a receipt for just about anything from a pharmacy could have been written off against income tax. And you can be sure that all manner of face creams and other cosmetics had become tax deductible. With the new system, this will no longer be possible, or rather, it will be more difficult to pull off.

It’s quite a shrewd move on the part of Italy’s expensive politicians, and it may even save the country a few bob.

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