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Tangentopoli Two Hits Italy

Justice Minister Paola Severino is convinced that Tangentopoli Two is in progress in Italy now.

The corruption situation today is worse than at the time the original Tangentopoli scandal which rocked Italy’s political foundations back in the early to mid 1990s, or so Justice Minister Severino believes.  The minister also said Italy desperately needs anti-corruption laws.

Tangentopoli, which is sometimes translated into the more or less self-explanatory Bribesville in English, was the name given to a rather dark period in 1990s in Italy when lots of politicians and businessmen were found to be taking bribes.

Now in Italy, scandals involving illicit relationships between politicians and business throughout Italy are breaking virtually daily.

Italy Urgently Needs Anti-Corruption Measures

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Justice Minister Severino hinted that other cases will come to light and highlighted that there was an urgent need for anti-corruption legislation.  Moreover, the Minister stated that part of the fight against corruption in Italy would involve rendering those convicted of crimes ineligible to stand for election to local or regional government positions.

10% of Italy’s Parliamentarians Have Criminal Convictions

Around 100 of the 950  sitting in Italy’s parliament have either been convicted of crime or have managed to avoid convictions owing to the combination of Italy’s very slow justice system and time barring provisions within Italian law.

The 90s version of Tangentopoli did not clean out enough rot – hence the reemergence of the corruption scandal now.

Whether Italian politics will clean up its act this time round is anyone’s guess.

Ironically, 2012 is Italy’s corruption scandal anniversary.

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