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Talking Art with Emilia Telese

If you have not heard of Emilia Telese, and I don’t think that many people have unfortunately, she is Italian, and a practicing artist, art educator and broadcaster who is based in England, where she’s been for a good few years.  Emila comes from Foggia in Italy’s south.

In England, Emilia is something of a celebrity within the art world, and has numerous television and radio appearances to her credit.  However, Emilia has not lost touch with her Italian roots and teaches in Italy too.  This Italian artist has done (and is continuing to do) rather well for herself in England.  The list of her artistic and teaching achievements as long as my arm.

She’s even been on the Culture Show – which is run by none other than one Melvyn Bragg, an English broadcaster and writer with a reputation for spotlighting all things culture. Names such as the Tate, MOMA in Oxford, Venice Biennial and the Victoria and Albert give the impression Emila Telese is a person who eats, sleeps and breathes art.  Oh, and Ms Telese also happens to be a member of the South East Arts Council England.

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Well, via Twitter we’ve had a few conversations, and she’s an Italy Chronicles reader too and someone who I think would admit that Italy has serious problems reaching its full potential.

Romance was one of the reasons why Emilia ended up in the UK, but art; Emilia is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence,  has helped keep her there.  She’s done rather well for herself in England and has a list of artistic and teaching achievements as long as my arm.  The list includes appearing on the culture show with Melvyn Bragg, as well as making other television appearances and

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