Words, A Novel, and Growing, Italian Export

Andrea Camilleri montalbano dagger award

It’s true, Italy is exporting more words than ever before, despite the nation’s publishing industry being in deep trouble. Between 2001 and 2011, Italy’s exports of the rights to literary works rose from 1,800 to over 4,600 according to a rather interesting overview, in Italian, of the state of Italy’s publishing industry which appeared recently […]

Inspector Montalbano Wins A Dagger

Andrea Camilleri montalbano dagger award

Andrea Camilleri, for those who do not know, is an Italian crime writer who is famous in Italy for his series of stories about Montalbano, a police inspector in Sicily.  Camilleri, for his crime writing prowess, has recently picked up an award for one of his Montalbano stories – a Dagger and an international one […]

A Wholly Unusual Holy Relic

Irereverently Curious Calcata

I’ve just finished reading the book set in Italy: An Irreverent Curiosity by one David Farley.  I admit that, for reasons unknown, it’s taken me whole two summers to finish this amusing tome.  Actually, I’m rather glad I did not swallow the book in a single gulp, as good things are always worth savouring. The […]

Romanzo – A Novel About Love and Corruption in Italy

Romanzo - Love and Corruption Italian Style

Romanzo, Love and Corruption Italian Style is a book about Italy’s darker sides by English author Angela Montgomery. I found Angela’s book both intriguing and very true to life too. I asked Angela if she would answer a few questions about her book and how it came about. She kindly said yes, and her responses to my interview are here, and I think they make for interesting reading.

Popular Italy Books

Eat,Pray,Love – Elizabeth Gilbert, 2007

Ever wondered which books people read when they think about Italy? Well, one easy way to find out is to see what’s hot on Amazon. In this case, it’s Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk from which I’ve compiled a list of the best selling books on Italy. If you are stuck for Christmas present inspiration, then this post might be a gift to you.

Before you look at the complete list, try to guess which books on Italy people are buying. Some may surprise you, as the Italian connection is not always that obvious.

Milan Profile on Askmen.com

A journalist I know thought I might like to have a go at a writing assignment for men’s magazine site Askmen.com.

Five Full Posts

Of the eight people who found, and, kindly, voted, six stated that they would prefer to see full posts on the front page of this blog, so, here you are. There are now 5 full posts for all to see, and read. In case you were interested, I used the post extracts to cram as […]

I write too much, I know

Nope, I’m not on about the number of posts, but the length of the things.  I do try to keep things brief, but they tend to get out of hand, and when I see them, I think ‘Heck, I didn’t think it was going to end up that long’. As an excuse, I would say […]