Blog from Italy – Close to a Million Hits

Blog from Italy has been having some technical problems lately, and I’ve been trying to sort them out. My hosting company, which is based in the United States, has been patient with Blog from Italy’s hunger for server resources, so far.

Oops! Managed to Mess up My Database

That’ll teach me! If you noticed that this site was down for a short while with a funny error message, the reason for this blip was someone – me – messing with his database and messing it up. Luckily, muggins created a dbase backup before tinkering. I restored the dbase and everything seems OK. Sorry […]

Work Around to WordPress 2.5 inserting images into posts

OK, this is pretty simple. If you cannot actually get those pictures into posts via WordPress 2.5’s new image management thingy, you can usually see the URL of the image you want after funding it in the Add Media > Add an image iconr. All you do is copy the url of your chosen image […]

Don’t Touch WordPress 2.5!

Having read that WordPress 2.5 was out, I was curious to see what it was like, but I had also read that there were problems. However, my curiosity got the better of me, and I went ahead and installed this new milestone release of my favourite blogging platform. Only, I installed WordPress 2.5 on a […]

Wow! Everything Seems much Snappier.

I’ve just gone and installed yet another piece of WordPress magic, which goes by the slightly geeky name of WP-DBManager. Basically, this jewel of a plugin enables me to do good things like automatically backup and optimize this site’s database.  I’ve just hit the optimize button, and the results were noticeable to me, hence the […]

Oops! Slight Technical Hitch – Permalinks

Oh dear. I tried to be clever and implement an SEO optimization – and as a result anyone who found a search engine result leading to my site and clicked on said link would have found a nasty 404 – page not found message. Luckily I caught on to the problem quite quickly, and I […]

New Blog Toy, and Yet More Shameless Promotion of Italy and things Italian

Thanks to the quaintly named ‘Those Were the Days‘ WordPress plugin, I have just added a new ‘Good Italian Things’ section to the left hand side of this blog. I shall add to it once I have unearthed a few nuggets from the past, but if anyone comes across something that that liked and think […]

Fixed It!

I wanted to switch the commenting system off on one of my posts, so I did. The only trouble was the side effect. The right hand side bar took umbridge and slid down to beneath the central column, which you are reading now. After posting on the WordPress support forums, someone suggested that there was […]

No Winner of the BFI Hunt, Search, and the Presumed Hack Attack

My little competition attracted quite a few people, but nobody posted the winning response. Anyway, the contest is over now. Thanks to anyone who had a go. I think I’ll run something similar in the future, most probably when the Google search system is fully up and running. Google has not finished indexing Blog from […]