I’m a drug addict

It’s true, I can’t get enough of the stuff. And it gives me such highs. Every day, many times a day I need a dose. This addiction even manages to keep me going all through the night. There is no way I can give this drug up, it’s hold on me is too strong. There […]

Another little project

Shortly, things are still at the development stage, I shall be launching another little website. This one will be all about businesses and young business people in Italy. It’ll be part blog, part magazine, and, I hope, will generate some networking. This new site will be mainly in English, but sections will also be in […]

Free Wi-Fi in Parco Sempione, Milan!

Yes, a free wifi service in Milan, Italy now exists and, most probably, works. If you manage to make it to the end of this post about my wifi exploits, then you will find a link to a list of free wifi hotspots in Milan.


Do you know what CSS stands for? Possibly, but if you don’t it stands for ‘cascading style sheets’.  What are these things? Well, they are a set of rules, almost like program code which you can use to style web sites – things like making characters bigger or changing the colour behind some area of […]