3G Mobile Network Woes in Italy

Recently, my already intermittent 3G mobile web service here in Milan, Italy has become increasingly unstable.  Perhaps this is because 4G has just landed? I often surf the world wide web from my Blackberry smart phone here in Milan.  Mobile web is convenient and I can access it from more or less wherever I am. […]

Anonymous Hacks Web Site of Fabrizio Corona

Web site of Fabrizio Corona Hacked

I was a little slow on the uptake, despite being tweeted at by people who are probably part of the Anonymous hacking network.  What the Anonymous people have managed to do it to hack into the website of Italian paparazzo, photographer Fabrizio Corona in support of whistle-blower Bradley Manning. I foolishly assumed that Corona may […]

Investigating the Cops’ Websites

After writing about the successful hacking attack on Italy’s crack cyber-crime fighting police unit, I decided to do a little technical digging.  I decided to carry out a quick and dirty quality control check on the websites of Italy’s two main police forces and see how they measured up in comparison with the web sites […]

Surreal Legal Writing

Yes, I know it’s odd to say it, but today’s (it was still ‘today’ when I started writing this!) encounter with the advocates was a little bit on the surreal side.

The Web 2.0 profession

Just what do you think the Web 2.0 profession is? Webmaster? Software engineer? Coder? Programmer? Well, in my not so humble opinion, it’s none of the above, but I think that this profession is going to see a massive amount of growth in many diverse sectors over the next few decades, not just with regard […]

Italia.it isn’t

It was supposed to have been a shop window to Italy, a tourism web portal par excellence, but it has turned out to be a 7 million Euro white elephant. If you try to visit, www.italia.it, you won’t see too much. All I’ve been getting is server timeouts. Brutta figura time. UPDATED July 2009.

No Quiz Winner Yet….

Hope those having a go are not having any problems. I know that the ‘mystery’ post is a little difficult to get to, but it can be found. And it does exist, honest! I’ve tested things and did manage to get to the page. I know from Google Analytics that people have been hunting around. […]

Wordfast – a translating system – first steps

Seeing as I’m becoming more and more involved in the translation of things like technical due diligence reports and other quite repetitive reports, I’ve invested in a Word add on known as Wordfast. You can discover more by clicking on the link. What is this thing? Well, it’s known in the trade as a ‘translation […]

Sarkozy likes the BBC, possibly!

UPDATE: 14.01.08 – Having now read more of the articles in Il Sole, I can now understand why the paper used the headline saying that ‘State TV without advertising would not work’.  The article basically argues that just about all TV and Internet, is only possible due to advertising.   Whilst this is partially true, I […]