Is Italy’s Climate Changing?

Summer 2014 was not too kind to Italy. To this Italy resident it seems Italy’s traditionally sunny climate is becoming less sunny. Over the last few years, summer temperatures have felt lower and the start and end of the seasons in Italy has become increasingly blurry. This begs the question: Is the climate in Italy changing? Obviously, […]

Those Weather Dependent Italians

While I thought us Brits were bad when it came to moaning and groaning about the weather, it seems Italians are just as bad, if not a little worse. 2014’s unsettled weather is keeping Italians from travelling. If the nation’s weather forecasters hint that its going to rain at the weekend, Italians decide to stay at […]

Videos of Flooding in Milan, Italy

Anti-Berlusconi protest in Milan, Italy

It bucketed it down last night here in Milan, Italy. The rain was literally noisy, thought at around one in the morning not that many people would have heard it. Then again, maybe it woke a few people up. When the rain attempts to deposit the contents of nearby Lake Como and Lake Maggiore on […]

Weird Weather in Italy

Siena Cathedral, Tuscany, Italy

There was a time when summer in Italy began early. Temperatures would begin to rocket from late April onwards with April itself being punctuated by the Italian equivalent of April showers, except they weren’t showers, they were downpours or full blown storms with some of the most spectacular lightning I have ever seen. In Milan […]

The Identity Crisis of Italy’s Confused Seasons

What’s happened, or maybe that should be, what’s happening to the seasons in Italy? They seem be suffering from something of an identity crisis. Take winter, for example. So far this year, winter does not seem to have arrived in Milan. Temperatures have generally been very mild. Will the famed Tuscan sun become a thing […]

Summer in Italy Tails Off Ever So Gently

Tuscan Mountain Tales - Coming Soon to Italy Chronicles

Summer was a little slow to arrive in Italy this year, 2013. Some even worried whether summer would ever actually arrive. These fears proved unfounded, as summer did arrive and is proving reluctant to leave. Temperatures up here in Milan this September have been hovering around the the high 20s (centigrade) and are still in […]

Pock Marked Cars

We had one of those, let’s call it a ‘World War 1’ storms last night. Why this allusion to WW1? Well, if you’ve ever seen one of those old war films, you’ll remember scenes in which the horizon is lit up by exploding shells, to an rumbling accompaniment generated by all the explosions. It was […]

Grey Days

As I write this, the rain is lashing down here in not so sunny Milan. Funny weather for Italy, especially in June when it is usually hot enough to make you start digging out the remote controls for the air conditioning system, if you are lucky enough to have one. Weather wise its been an […]

It is March, isn’t it?

Well, the calendars say it is March. I have not had my birthday yet, and it’s in March, so, I must conclude that it is indeed March. Why then did today feel like a day in late May here in very sunny and very warm Milan? No idea, but it was very welcome. Winter, such […]