Will a Drone Kill the Pope?

Security around Pope Francis is being tightened as fears of an assassination attempt grow, or so Italian daily Il Corriere della Sera reported today. If an attack on the Pope were to be made, the worry is that it could be carried out by a drone. Not one of those huge Predator drones used to take […]

Italian Rogue of the Week – Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone

While nominating a cardinal of the Roman Catholic church may reduce my, admittedly limited, chances of beatification, it is something I’m prepared to risk in order to bring accusations facing one Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone to your attention. Cardinal Bertone, a former Vatican Secretary of State, came within a hair’s breadth of earning the Italian Rogue of […]

Is the Vatican the Hub of an Unholy International Paedophile Ring?

Vatileaks - Rocking the Vatican to its Foundations

After a damning United Nations’ report which criticised the handling paedophilia by the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican is not at all happy. Maybe Italians and others should be questioning whether its a good idea to entrust the care of their children to the Roman Catholic Church. The United Nations’ Committee on the Rights of […]

The Vatican – Big Changes Coming

Big changes are coming at the Vatican – Italy’s state within a state.  The Church-dominated administration is realizing that the secular side of the world’s smallest city-state needs to conform to international norms. Pope John Paul I was thought to want to initiate reforms but his pontificate of 33 days ensured his ambitions were not […]

Italian Rogue of the Week: Nunzio Scarano

Nunzio Scarano, if you have not heard of him, is a senior Italian cleric who worked within the Vatican Bank as an accountant until he was suspended from his duties around a month ago. Recently, this priest was arrested. Along with an Italian secret services agent and a financial broker, dodgy priest Scarano had been allegedly […]

Pope Benedict XVI Resigns for the Good of the Church

Today during a mass held in Latin his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation. The reason given by 85 year old Pope Benedict XVI for his decision to hand over the papal throne to another is that his advanced years prevent him from doing his job in the way he would prefer. There has been nothing […]

Vatican to Close and Leave Italy

Saint Peter's to become Museum

Italy is reeling in shock today after the Vatican announced its decision to move the headquarters of the Roman Catholic church out of Italy. In a statement to the press, Vatican spokesman Cardinal Goffredo Peccato said the decision by Italy’s Monti led government to tax church premises had caused the Holy See to rethink its […]

Berlusconi’s Advice

Mr Berlusconi, the man who would be Prime Minister of Italy (again), and one of Italy’s potentially top five sinners, dropped a slight clanger on prime time TV, yesterday, I think it was. In an interview he told a young worried female ‘precarious’ worker that she would be able to solve her financial worries by […]