Staying in Italy: Are short term lets worth it?

Apartments are a great alternative to hotels

I have always been a great lover of all things Italian, the food, the wine and the general lifestyle always struck me as being idyllic. For this reason, my partner and I spend a week or so in Italy every year. Generally we look for cheap flights, book into a reasonable hotel and off we […]

Italy Map plus YouTube Videos

If you are looking to while away a few minutes, perhaps while waiting for an important phone call or suchlike, and you are thinking about coming to Italy for a summer holiday, then this Italy map link might prove fun.

The Awesome Dolomites

Italy has no shortage of mountains. I should know, if you venture to the top of the Milan’s Duomo on a really clear day and gaze around, you may well feel as though the city is virtually surrounded by them. Alas though, the Dolomite mountains are not all that visible from Milan.

Slow Down at La Tavola Marche Agriturismo

le marche, Italy

American Ashley Bartner’s enthusiasm for life and living Italy becomes apparent as soon as she starts talking about how she and her husband, highly trained chef Jason Bartner, decided that Italy was the place for them to rent apartments at their La Tavola Marche Agriturismo.

A Fine Evening in Genoa

Visitors to Genoa’s old port area could be in for a little surprise, for the city’s authorities are cracking down on drinking in the street.

Marvellous May

May in Milan is a wonderful month. It’s when the balmy weather starts to kick in, just before the steaminess of late June, and the just about unbearable heat of July. The temperature hovers around 24 or 25°C in May, and those from northern European nations will find that coats are just not necessary. Jeans can become […]

Atac Rome!

No, not literally! ATAC is the Roman equivalent of Milan’s public transport company – ATM. Like ATM, whose site I talked about in my ‘A useful site, almost – ATM Milan’ post, ATAC also has a site which allows you to calculate routes around Italy’s capital.

For Jan – Sardinia

I’ve been digging around on You Tube again, and I dug this up. OK, so it’s not a video. It’s more of a promotional slide show with commentary, but, whatever, Sardinia is one beautiful place, as you will see if you watch. [youtube][/youtube] One of these fine days, I’ll actually get round to going there.