Social Media Can Win Elections – Ask Milan’s New Mayor

Mayor of Milan Pisapia

The recent victory of centre-left candidate Giuliano Pisapia over Berlusconi favourite Letizia Moratti was an example of how new media can beat old media – if new media is exploited effectively. I know for a fact that Pisapia had a new media team working on his Milan election campaign strategy. Indeed, one of the people […]

Italy news updates from on Twitter via NewsfromItaly is @newsfromitaly on Twitter

Just to let you know that when is not being updated, @newsfromitaly –’s Twitter account most probably is. Via @newsfromitaly on Twitter you’ll hear the latest Italian news items, travel information, bits and bobs about Italian food and wine, as well as many other nuggets of Italy flavour information.

Twitter Hashtags for Italy Tweets

Wouldn’t it be great if we could send and receive information on Italy via Twitter about just what we want? Well, we could, if we all agreed on which hashtags to use.

Italy Takes to Twitter and Tweets

Initially, many Italians found Facebook a little off putting, and did not take to it. Maybe Italians did not like having to deal with settings and an interface in English. Now Facebook is in Italian, Italians are all over Facebook. Now, the same thing seems to be happening with regard to Twitter.

A Twitter Easter Egg Hunt

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Facebook Fascination in Italy

At the start of this year I often made a point of mentioning Facebook to my new master students, especially those doing marketing and media relation’s masters, but not only.

Too Much Tweet!

I discovered the joys of Twitter not too long ago, and I thought it might be a fun thing to use it to blast out a barrage of news from Italy updates every evening or so. Wrong! I blasted so hard with my ‘tweets’, as they are called, that someone told me that all the […]