Astonishing Barga with Added Haggis

Barga in Tuscany

Italy Chronicles new writer, David Wineman has been telling me lots surprising things about beautiful Barga in Tuscany, some of which you will discover if you read his first post Tuscany’s Scottish Connection – Barga. But there’s more, much more. Barga, in Tuscany remember, hosts an annual fish and chip festival. This may well be the […]

Volterra 1398 or 2013?

Volterra Tuscany

Both actually, because between the 18th and 25th of August, Volterra in Tuscany steps back in time and sloughs off the centuries for its 16th annual Medieval Festival. All of this takes place in this exquisite, walled hilltop town, a jewel in the much bejeweled Tuscan crown. But Volterra’s history stretches much further back to its […]

Tuscany’s Scottish Connection – Barga

Barga by H005

In his first post for Italy Chronicles, author David Wineman is going to tell you something about Barga, the hilltop down in Tuscany where he has made his home. What not many people know is that Barga has a strong connection to Scotland. Yes, the land of kilts, haggis and whisky. First of all, David will […]

This Magical Tale will Transport You and Your Children to Tuscany

Barga in Tuscany

The Bat of Barga is a short story for children by Jenny M Want about a bat who helps save the enchanting hilltop town of Barga in Tuscany. If you read this tale to your children, or if they read it, you’ll most probably end up in Barga looking for a certain bookshop, a wizard, and […]

Water, A Tale from a Tuscan Mountain

The latest Tuscan tale by Simon Law: To the north, above, and on which a small Tuscan village nestles, stands a mountain: through the millennia this peak has protected the buildings and inhabitants of Santa Giuditta from both violence and adverse weather. The peak has always also been the village’s only source of water.  Perpetual, […]

Hiking and Wine Tasting in Chianti

As you know, if you read my Arriving in Florence article, I am studying in Florence. Last weekend, I took a marvelous day trip to, and through, the Chianti area of Tuscany. I booked my trip through the handy Florence for Fun student travel agency website. Florence For Fun Despite its name, The Florence For […]

The Fire, A Tale from a Tuscan Mountain

The latest Tuscan tale from Simon Law: Bruno smiled over the tiny cup of his post luncheon-coffee.  He was standing on the balcony outside the social club bar watching the antics in the small piazza of the Tuscan mountain village.  He smiled once more: he had observed or taken part in this particular scene scores […]

Book, A Tale from a Tuscan Mountain

A Tuscan tale by Simon Law: There were not many, but if there could be a group, from the small Tuscan Mountain village of Santa Giuditta that might be described as the ‘great and good’ it was those who gathered at the manse, early one spring evening, at the invitation of the priest.  Significantly, perhaps, […]

Funeral, A Tale from a Tuscan Mountain

Is Lucignano in Tuscany, San Giuditta?

Another Tuscan Tale for you from Simon Law: In San Giuditta in Tuscany, the usual span allotted to men and women has been extended from the usual three score years and ten – by another ten – and more. Anna was not old, being fortunate enough to have been born into, and be living in […]