Wonderful Wundernest: Preserving Italy

Wundernest - all about Italy's Good sides

If you visit Italy Chronicles fairly regularly, you will, hopefully, have come across the Good Italian Things section.  Well, I’m pleased to say that a group of Italians who believe in Italy have started the Wundernest website which seeks to highlight the many wonders Italy has to offer. Online since November 2011, Wundernest is a Milan […]

Italian Lakes – Discover the Beauty of Braies Lake

Have you ever heard of Braies Lake in Italy’s north east?  Probably not, I hadn’t until, by chance, I ended up watching Italian television series Un Passo Dal Cielo – A Step from Heaven – which was shot around Braies Lake and in the Alta Val Pusteria in Italy’s Alto Adige area. Of the many […]

Is Italy Missing the Boat from China?

Piazza Navona, Rome

Stereotypes rule more often than they should, perhaps.  Take for example the attitude of some Italians towards the Chinese: they work far too hard to bother with things like holidays, and they don’t have any money either. Such opinions came out during a conversation I had with friends over dinner the other evening.  One of the […]

Let Bloggers Boost Tourism To Italy

Just one of Thousands of Italy's Attractions

Italy is a haven for tourism. It’s got just about everything tourists look for: good climate, great food and wine, attractions galore, culture, and plenty of seaside – and that’s just during the summer! When temperatures drop, it snows in Italy’s many mountains, much to the delight of skiers. Yes, Italy can attract tourism pretty […]

Silvio Berlusconi Advertises Italy


Unless you’ve been hiding under a stone for the last six months or so, you may well have heard about the latest scandal stroke pending legal trouble for Italy’s extravagant party loving lady’s man and prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Aside from legal charges which are about to be levelled at Berlusconi regarding abuse of power and aiding and abetting prostitution with minors, another charge is that Berlusconi’s antics have seriously damaged the perception of Italians and the image of Italy around the world.

There is, however, that fairly well known adage which goes, “any publicity is better than no publicity”, which you may have come across.

Luxury Villas in Piedmont and Le Marche Required

A Villa to Rent in Piedmont, Italy

My friends Anna Rita Diegoli and Ray Lamothe of villa Italian rental firm Tuscan Enterprises told me they are on the look out for more villas to add to their catalogue. They are particularly interested in villas and residential complexes in the Piedmont and Le Marche regions of Italy, but not only.

Golf in Italy, Off Course by an Ostrich

Tiger Woods would Love Golfing in Italy

Spain is quite well known for its golf courses, but Italy is not so well known for golf, which is a shame, because Italy should really be one of the world’s top golf tourism destinations. It might come as a slight surprise to learn that there are over 220 golf courses situated throughout the Living Museum.

Tourism in Tuscany – An Operators View

Tourism is evolving in Tuscany. Well, that’s the impression I get from speaking to veteran tourism entrepreneur Raymond Lamothe of Tuscan Enterprises. Ray has been in the villa rentals market in Tuscany and Umbria for nearly 30 years, so he knows quite a bit about Italy’s tourism industry.