Where to Get Trenitalia Tickets for Your Tour of Italy

Visit Florence and see the magnificent Ponte Vecchio

If you are planning to visit Italy in 2019, then consider getting around by the train. As well as being fast, efficient and environmentally friendly, exploring Italy by train will allow you to see more. Nowadays, you can pick up Trenitalia tickets quickly and easily via the Italiarail ticket booking service. [contextly_auto_sidebar] An Italychronicles.com partner, […]

Send Italy Chronicles Your Water Cooler and Coffee Machine Photos of Italy

Castellina in Chianti, Italy

Would like to help send more people to Italy? Oddly, more people visit France than Italy. Indeed, over 80 million tourists take trips to France whereas just over 40 million visit Italy annually. I’d like to change that, or at least try, and you can help. Here’s how. What I’d like you to do is […]

How Many Tourists from the United Kingdom Visit Tuscany?

As I mentioned in a previous post, someone asked me how many people from the United Kingdom visit the Italian region of Tuscany. I answered this question and after some whizzing around the Italian corner of the world wide web, I came up with estimates for 2011 and 2012. I thought others may find it useful to know how to calculate […]

How to Boost Tourism to Italy

Recently, someone asked me how many Britons visited Tuscany. I said I’d see if I could find out. I did, but not after carrying out quite a bit of research and running a fiddly calculation. The number I came up with was little more than a rough estimation. I’ll explain what I did in another post. […]

Tourism Business Grows in Piedmont

One Attraction of Many - the Palace of Venaria Turin

Tourism business in the northern Italian region of Piedmont is on the up and its growing faster than in any other region of Italy according to Unioncamere, Italy’s association of Chambers of Commerce. Mayor of Turin Piero Fassino is, understandably, very happy. He pointed out that the results achieved illustrate how investment in culture pays. […]

UPDATE: Still on Track – Vento, Italy’s Turin to Venice Cycle Motorway

A while back, in September 2013, to be exact, I wrote about Italy’s VenTo cycle motorway project. Well, in the meantime, Italy has changed government and has acquired a new culture and tourism minister. I wondered if this has caused the Vento project problems so I give the VenTo people a call last week. I […]

Valley Tourism in Italy

Italy, being a mountainous nation, has valleys pretty much everywhere. Well, the other day I was contacted by someone who wanted to promote tourism to just one of these many, many valleys. The valley this individual wants to promote tourism in lies in Tuscany. Yes, I know the whole world and its father tends to […]

Italy’s Cycle Motorway Takes a Step Closer to Reality

Back in September I wrote about an innovative proposal for what amounts to a cycle motorway in northern Italy – The Vento Project. My post on the VenTo initiative caught the eye of The Guardian and the result was this article: Hopes grow for VenTo, a proposed 422-mile cycle path in northern Italy Well, the […]

Italy’s Venice to Turin Cycle Motorway

There’s a proposal in Italy to create a kind of motorway for cyclists from Venice to Turin, only the VenTo project may not get all the way off the ground, even if it does seem to be making some progress. It certainly does not lack support, either. If the Venice to Turin cycleway project does […]