Will Italy Move Wine Production to Africa?

Having written about climate change in Italy and discovered academic studies which show it’s more than a myth, I’ve been wondering how, if the trend continues, climate change might affect Italy. What might happen, and this is pure speculation on the part of this Italy watcher, is that Africa may become the new wine producing […]

Italy is a Paradise Compared to the UK and the USA

Perfidious Albion Burns

Humanity is short-sighted.  It rarely considers the effects of what it does today upon the future.  Unfortunately what was done yesterday has a nasty habit of fermenting for years and maturing into something distinctly nasty which will, sooner or later, rear its ugly head and bite hard. The riots which rocked the United Kingdom in […]

Rambling on About Happenings in Italy

Writers block? No. Not a problem for me generally. Quite the opposite. I start tapping away thinking that around five hundred words or so will do, and end up writing over a thousand. Sorry about that. Anyway this evening, actually it’s just past midnight, I’m going to ramble. Italy will be at the centre of the rambling, as usual.

The Web 2.0 profession

Just what do you think the Web 2.0 profession is? Webmaster? Software engineer? Coder? Programmer? Well, in my not so humble opinion, it’s none of the above, but I think that this profession is going to see a massive amount of growth in many diverse sectors over the next few decades, not just with regard […]

The calm after the storm, and divine, possibly, intervention

Wow! This is a heavy week. I had a long, and quite complex, translation that needed doing asap. I did manage to finish it, but it ate up a lot of time. So much time, that I have neglected my blog, and its readers. However, this little translating experience sort of restored my faith in […]

The virtual intimacy of the web

It looks as though my attempts to be helpful elsewhere on this blog may have got me into some hot water. Oops. That’s the trouble with the web – it is very easy for someone to use it to develop a nice cuddly realtionship with someone else, and then take them for every penny they […]

Darwin v the Bible

I seem to be hearing more and more about the conflict between the Darwin’s theory of evolution and how the Bible describes the way in which we were created. And it has to be admitted that Darwin’s ideas theoretically discredit the biblical version of how we came to be. Recently, for some reason that is […]

What is Religion?

Just what is religion? Why does it exist and why are some of the main religions having problems these days with a loss in the number faithful? Recent world problems and personal problems have found me trying to develop a perspective on these questions. In answer to my questions, I think that religion started as […]