Too many spamments

I seem to be getting loads of useless spam at the moment – something like 250 spam comments everyday.  So, I have activated the feature that only allows people to leave comments if they have had an initial comment approved beforehand. I’ll see how this works out and if it can cut down on the amount […]

Jeepers! My Platial map’s unseen attraction.

Apparently, my Platial map has been seen 4400 times over the last month and a half.  Wow!  I don’t quite know where else the map is visible apart from here and my main website.  But, what the heck, if people find the thing interesting or useful, that’s fine by me.

Thinking about moving, again.

I’m toying with the idea of moving this blog to a fixed domain. Why? Well I’d like to be able to use more WordPress plug-ins and I’m thinking about giving adense a go too. I hope you the readers won’t hate me for this, but I’m sort of hoping I can resolve my cashflow problems. […]

Possible new home

This blog started out on Blogger, but I liked the look of some of WordPress's features, so I'm moving in to see how things go. If you like what you see, say so, and think about moving over permanently.

Popular demand

After having been advised, very nicely, that my blog looks better but seems to be rather pallid, I fired up my sophisticated css editor program and used its colour picker to select a new wallpaper colour. This sledgehammer-nut approach has left my blog posts with a subtle shade of green under them. I'll wait for […]

I’m tired and I’m going to go to bed

Nothing I've attempted to scribble this evening has come out anywhere near the way I wanted it. I blame being on baby duty last night. When I finally woke up this morning I felt much like I expect a zombie feels – yes I know zombies don't feel, that's my point exactly. I'm no longer […]

Another Italian reader

I'm lucky enough to boast three genuine Italian readers now! And each of these Italian readers produce thoughtful, interesting and quite different blogs, which you will discover if you know or are brave enough to have a go at learning another language. Alsoit's 'Un giorno credi' contains philosophical and thoughtful entries and uses a level […]


The title of this entry is the name of a place down in Tuscany. In fact there are two Montecatinis – a spa version and a hilltop version. The hilltop version looks fantastic and shall be added to my endless list of fabulous places in Italy (Maybe I should make a list of horrible places […]