Well, I do do a little bit of everything

My friend and Blog from Italy researcher, Gaetano Salvo wants to sell his house, so I’m going to put an on-line brochure for it here on my blog for all the web to see. I’ve seen Gaetano’s place. It’s a sort of semi-detached style house and it is not half bad. As Italian places go, […]

Parental Approval

My folks dropped in here the other day, said that they enjoyed reading my blog, and that they like the journalistic style of the post I wrote for Joe Tangredi over at Volette.com. Even though I’m no spring chicken at 43, it’s still nice to get the nod of approval from my mum and dad, […]

RSS Feed to Blog from Italy Updated

Thanks to reader Rajab Bader, those who follow my blog via the RSS feed may be pleased to note that the feed is now supplying complete versions of my posts.  Before, according to Rajab, my posts were being chopped. I think I have now solved this little issue, and I hope the RSS feed is […]

George Clooney to do Guest Posts on Blog from Italy

The famous Italian resident and Hollywood star dropped me an email yesterday, saying that he’s been following my scribblings for some time and that he’d like to write a series of guest posts on my blog. Wow, I can hardly believe it. You can read more about this here. Shortly he’ll be launching his own […]

Apologies time

Sorry if you have been visiting and finding things a little up and down on this site today. I’ve been experimenting. There is now a related posts feature, but the posts listed are not always that, er, well, related. It’s a case of ‘work in progress’. Things may return to normal at any time, although […]

More server problems

Sorry if you found that this blog was taking an age to load today.  Beyond my control, alas.  The new host has been having server management problems.  I’m not a happy bunny. Just as well I’m paying on a monthly basis, and I’m already looking around for other potential hosting services.  If this keeps up […]

Apologies Once More

Sorry about not having responded to some of the interesting comments left by my readers. I’ve been a bit tied up with another project, and work. Normal service will be resumed! As for the other project – it relates to this blog, and once I’m happy with how things have gone, I’ll post details here. […]

Some stats

The number of views since I switched to WordPress last year is now over 20,000. Total spam blocked now over 11,000 and growing.  My most popular post concerns traffic fines in Italy, with over 1,700 views. I know I write about a range of subjects, but really I just waffle on about things that catch […]