Pee Power, Made in Italy

A rather peculiar story caught my ever roving eye this evening. Italy’s La Stampa newspaper, and a few others, is carrying a story about using urine to power engines. The ultimate bio-fuel! Apparently a researcher from the Italian island of Sardinia, one Franco Lisci, claims that pee can be used to power engines. Lisci says […]

A Portable USB Charger – Just the thing for Your Trip to Italy

Having had problems myself, I can see that this Sony USB Portable Charger could prove very useful travel gadget for you on your trip to Italy. It can charge iPhones, iPads, and other tablets, plus recent model Blackberry and Android mobile phones too. This portable charger is not expensive either. The compact Sony USB charger will charge the […]

Beijing Chooses Italian Anti-Pollution Technology

Sanispira nasal filter

China’s capital Beijing selected a low cost Italian made near invisible nasal filter to help protect its citizens from the city’s increasing levels of atmospheric pollution. The near invisible filter, made by Italian company HSD Europe and sold under the Sanispira brand, is costing Beijing, a city with a population of over 20 million, a […]

The Slow Demise of Italy’s Newsagents

Anyone who has been in Italy for any length of time can’t fail to have noticed the Boot’s legions of news stands or edicola, as they are known here. The edicola is something of an Italian institution. More often than not in my experience, these edicole are purpose built kiosks. In Italy’s main cities & […]

Diesel Vehicle Emissions Reduction System Made in Italy

Installed Dukic Emissions Reduction Device

While watching my favourite Italian documentary, the RAI Report series, I heard about one admirable and extraordinarily tenacious Italian business lady, Anna Dukic, whose Dukic Day Dream company produces an innovative device which substantially reduces the emission of noxious fumes from diesel engines. Not only does the Dukic product reduce diesel engine emissions levels by […]

Navmii Italy on the Apple iPhone 4 – Review and Giveaway

Rather fortuitously just before I took off for Tuscany, so to speak, I was contacted by Navmii, who make the turn-by-turn GPS application for the iPhone, the Navmii GPS Live for Italy app. Navmii were even going to give a free copy of their Iphone 4 GPS app to test, but as a result of my not being signed up with the right Apple iTunes store, I bit the bullet and bought it. It only costs 4 Euros, that’s $4.99 for US customers.

Surfing on the Red Line

Travelling boldly around Milan, as I do, I often find myself on the city’s red underground line. This tube line is quite sophisiticated technologically.

Italy’s Poor Coders

Those who moonlight are usually doing a second job to make ends meet, often because they have work which is low paying, or because they need to find a way to pay off financial commitments, such as mortgages.

Why Internet in Italy is Far Behind the Rest of Europe

Italy is way behind the rest of Europe in terms of Internet usage and Internet businesses. The main culprits are ageism, lack of meritocracy, and education. Il Sole 24 ORE‘s weekly technology supplement Nova ( link to online version) is often packed full of interesting nuggets of information. Ageism and Zero Meritocracy Last week Nova […]