Surreal Legal Writing

Yes, I know it’s odd to say it, but today’s (it was still ‘today’ when I started writing this!) encounter with the advocates was a little bit on the surreal side.

Educators in need of Education?

Becoming a teacher in Italy is a traumatic process. After having spent 7 years or so completing one of Italy’s 5 year degree courses, prospective teachers then need to do an accreditation course.

Burnt Midnight Oil

A little while back I was asked to prepare a short two day workshop on how to write a press release in English for the Media Relations master at the business school where I often find myself. After burning copious amounts of that old midnight oil, I came up with such a course. The first […]

I’m Sorry, I don’t Understand….

….why schools in Milan are short of cash. Few would deny that Italy has some of the highest tax levels in Europe. Yet, despite the, apparently increasing, tax income, the schools in Milan actually ask parents for, in some instances, monthly contributions to help bolster funds.

The Innovative Mr Alberico and his Sports Centre

Here is another story of a ‘Good Italian Thing’ that I discovered while starting a new English course last week which is tied to a part-time master in Sports Business Management. As you might expect, many of the participants are ex-sportsmen and women, and they are a fascinating bunch of people too. A Chat With […]

Busy Times

I’ve got a lot on at the moment, what with courses kicking off right left and centre. Mix that in with a workshop, lesson dates and times which seem to be moved every other day, and things become complicated. Then there is the sausage project…. I need to think things through, so I’m off out […]

Wordfast – a translating system – first steps

Seeing as I’m becoming more and more involved in the translation of things like technical due diligence reports and other quite repetitive reports, I’ve invested in a Word add on known as Wordfast. You can discover more by clicking on the link. What is this thing? Well, it’s known in the trade as a ‘translation […]

Assistance in finding EFL teachers.

I’m planning to use this blog to help English language teachers find, well, other English language teachers in Italy. If you are an independent language teacher, like me, then you may well have come across the situation in which you have had to turn down work because you simply don’t have the resources to handle […]

Job satisfaction

I was lucky enough, along with my colleague, to be invited to the dinner which the students of the Media Relations master organised to celebrate the end of their master and, for many, the beginning of their careers. I had a great time, chatting, drinking and eating the night away. My erstwhile ex-students even managed […]