Massive Increase in Corruption in Italy is Killing Businesses

According to a 19 August, 2014, press release made by Italian taxpayers association Contribuenti, in the first quarter of 2014, corruption levels n Italy rose a staggering 71% compared to 2013. Contribuenti also stated that corruption in Italy, a 76 billion Euro a year activity, is killing off Italy’s businesses. Vittorio Carlomagno, the president of Contribuenti […]

Funding Italy’s Tax Cuts

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Italy’s prime minister Matteo Renzi may announce tax cuts to the tune of €10 billion. Today, Italy’s RAI news channel hinted at how funding for the tax cuts may be found. Apparently, Italy’s government is examining whether it could cut the nation’s military spend by enough to make up for the shortfall the […]

The Cost of Politics Continues to Cripple Italy

Back in 2011, I wrote a post entitled The Crippling Cost of Politics to Italy. At the time, Italy’s political system cost each Italian €152. Well, today, late 2013, it looks as if that cost has risen or perhaps the 2011 figure only considered the direct cost. Italy’s UIL union calculated that the, indirect and […]

Italians to Be Tasered in 2014

Yesterday Silvio Berlusconi seemingly got his way and the IMU property tax Berlusconi promised he would end during the February elections, was extinguished. Only the IMU is not really going to cease to exist: its simply going to change its name. Enter, in 2014, the Taser Tax. The IMU name change has prompted much song […]

Italy Gets Tough On Tax Evasion

It does look as if Italy has started to get really tough on tax evasion.  When Italy’s technocrat Prime Minister Mario Monti took over from Silvio Berlusconi late in 2011, he began considering ways in which to fill Italy’s coffers. Monti knew Italy had to take a tougher stance on the tax evasion issue – […]

Italy’s Well-Heeled Poor

The Owner of this Floating Gin Palace Earns €20,000 a year. Not.

That levels of tax evasion in Italy are laughably high is no secret.  Mario Monti, Italy’s replacement for tax-evasion encouraging Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, is attempting to bring Italy’s army of tax evaders to heel. One recently introduced, if not yet permanent, measure of the Monti-led Italian government means it is now impossible to pay […]

Can Italians Justify Evading Taxes?

Tax evasion is a problem which costs Italy around €180 billion a year.  One of the reasons some employers in Italy give for not paying taxes is how much it costs to employ people.  Does it really cost so much to employ people in Italy?  I decided to do some digging and find out. Here […]

Clamping Down on Tax Evasion in Italy

Tax evasion robs Italy’s state coffers of something like 180 billion Euros a year.  Recently, Italy has been trying to find ways to recoup these record losses and the new Mario Monti led Italian government is looking into ways of making Italians pay more tax. Italians already pay lots in taxes.  Italy’s tax burden is […]

Poor Italy

The Owner of this Floating Gin Palace Earns €20,000 a year. Not.

Italy is a very poor country.  Maybe Berlusconi can be blamed, but not necessarily.  Why?  Because less than 800 Italians manage to earn more than one million Euros a year.  In fact, according to an article in Italian newspaper Il Corriere Della Sera today, only 796 Italians tell Italy’s taxman they make more than a […]