Thinking about Registering for VAT in Italy? Read This.

I’m having one of those ‘Has the time come to leave Italy?’ moments. Reading about the thousands of Italians who have left Italy, doesn’t help. Nor does being over 50. And my somewhat chaotic, happy go lucky approach to life is probably what’s driven me into a corner. That and registering for VAT in Italy. […]

Italy’s Redditometro Scares Expats

Heading in a better direction?

As you may have heard, Italy is cracking down hard on tax evasion.  Millions have been recouped so far, and plans to use something called a ‘redditometro‘, which, crudely translated into English is ‘income-o-meter’, are afoot.  This new system is spooking some expats in Italy. What is the ‘redditometro’,  ‘income-o-meter’ thing?  Well, it’s a system for working […]

Monti Taxes Italy Towards Recovery

Mario Monti, Italy’s technocrat leader, is facing a lot of flack for taxing Italy’s already over-taxed population to death. The Bank of Italy has waded into the fray saying that if Italy is to grow, taxes have to come down.  Italy’s Accounting Court – the Corte dei Conti is also unhappy with all the tax […]

Berlusconi and Son Under Investigation

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s legal woes seem to be never ending. Up until recently, it was only Silvio himself who had attracted the attentions of law enforcement authorities in Italy.

A Taxing Problem

It’s just about 1:30 in the morning here in Milan. I should be heading for bed, but my head is awash with thoughts, and I want to try and create order from the chaos reigning in my mind. I’m thinking about Italy’s incredibly high levels of tax evasion.

Good News on the Italian VAT front, Possibly

I met up with my accountant today to hand over a few documents and whinged, as usual, about having to fork out VAT before being paid. Apparently, I was told, the powers that be are cooking up some scheme whereby VAT will not become due until an invoice has been settled. If this does come to pass, […]

A daft idea for the Italian Goverment

How about setting up a system which allows people to make advance IVA (VAT) and tax payments and grant those who do this a reduced rate of tax and/or use the interest generated on such advance payments to cover the some of the lost income resulting from the reduced tax rates? It’s a mad idea, […]

Tax Deductible Drugs

I went to the chemists/pharmacy today to get some more cough syrup and came across the spanking new system for registering purchases from these places, which I had heard about a few days before. Now, when you pay for your drugs you can also hand over your health card – a credit card sized piece […]

F24 payment woes

I have a tax payment to make, only I cannot make this blasted payment; which can only be made via a home banking system now; because my home banking system is not working properly. This is because just about everyone is trying to make tax payments today, because of today’s deadline.  In case you did […]