A Tax Evasion Map of Italy

Italy’s Agenzie Delle Entrate revenue service has recently compiled a province by province map of Italy’s tax evasion hotspots. For those who know Italy, the map holds few surprises. Italy’s south has long been known as tax-shy and the map simply confirms this. Here are the translations of the key so you can understand where […]

Rich? You Need an Italian Accountant. Here’s Why.

Italian accountants can work miracles. In fact, 518 Italians who own private jets manage to get away with declaring incomes of less than €20,000 – yes, that’s right twenty thousand Euros. For reasons unknown, Italy’s tax people don’t seem to have a problem with the fact that someone who makes less than €20,000 can afford […]

Offshore Piracy?

If you follow Italian news, then you will know something of the amnesty designed to recoup the billions Italians have stashed out of the reach of Italy’s taxman in comfy offshore accounts.

Tax Evasion in Italy

If you want to minimise or extinguish your tax liability, engage an Italian tax advisor. Italy’s income tax advisors must be some of the best in the world and Italy’s tax advisors are real ‘value for money’ professionals too.