World Cup 2010 – Italy v Slovakia

It’s crunch time for Italy tomorrow. Here’s what you should not do during the Italy v Slovakia match, and where you can see the World Cup match and follow it on the web live too.

The Innovative Mr Alberico and his Sports Centre

Here is another story of a ‘Good Italian Thing’ that I discovered while starting a new English course last week which is tied to a part-time master in Sports Business Management. As you might expect, many of the participants are ex-sportsmen and women, and they are a fascinating bunch of people too. A Chat With […]

New Fields

This is interesting. Well, it is for me. I’m putting together a short English course which will revolve around the theme of sports management. This is a new ‘field’ for me, but through the magic of the world wide web, I’m starting to get an angle on this quite specialist management discipline, and, more importantly, […]

442 Pub Milan – New Banner

Down at my favourite watering hole there is a curious new flag with ‘Four Four Two, Milan’ on it. Although this flag, which can been seen on Facebook, appears to be English – red cross on a white background, not the Union Jack, interestingly enough, it is the flag of Milan. I have no idea […]

This is fun!

Since I undertook the slight transformation of my little blog, I’ve begun to change too. I suppose you could say that I am becoming a sort of (very) informal journalist. And now I find that I’m on the look out for ‘stories’ that I think will be interesting or useful to write about in my […]

The day I met the president.

Yes, it’s true, I met the president the other day, while I was watching rugby at the 4-4-2 pub here in Milan. However, as you may have guessed, the president I met was not the famous guy who runs the States from a big white house. Instead this president, one Massimiliano Natale, heads the Italian […]