Yes, You Can Go Skiing in Sicily

Etna Sud - Nicolosi ski map

Not only can you ski in Sicily, but you might be surprised to hear that there are three ski resorts on this lovely island in the south Mediterranean. You may be a little less surprised, and possibly slightly concerned, to hear that two of Sicily’s ski resorts lie on the slopes of the Mount Etna […]

Why Don’t People Ski in Italy?

Back at the start of this year, 2013, Italian newspaper Il Corriere Della Sera ran an article with the headline – only 5 in every 100 skiers choose Italy. Very odd, I thought. Having skied in Italy and visited quite a number of resorts in the north of of the country, I never had any […]

A Charming Ski Resort – Madesimo in Italy

Madesimo italy

Madesimo is a charming Italian ski resort about 150 kilometres north of Milan, near the Swiss border. Madesimo offers more than just skiiing, there are also lots of trails to explore on a snow mobile and you can even do ice driving courses too. The resort is famous for its 3 kilometre-long black run, il Canalone […]

A Weekend in Bardonecchia

The I Larici Hotel, Bardonecchia

Just before the Christmas holidays we took our little one for a weekend on the snow up in the Italian ski resort of Bardonecchia which is right on the border with France in the north eastern corner of Italy.

Roccaraso Ski Video

Off the skied piste resort Roccaraso is somewhere I’ve already written about, so I thought you may like to see the slopes in all their snowy glory, seeing as it is the time of the year when people are thinking about booking ski holidays.

Downhill fun

Time for another entry, seeing as the on-line supermarket seems to be off-line at the moment. It very nicely waited until I had shoved everything into the on-line shopping trolley and told it what time I wanted everything to turn up, and it suddenly took umbridge at the fact that I wanted to pay on-line. […]