Pizza, Mafia, Pasta and Scooters, Italy Versus Apple


Oh dear, Italy is not at all happy with the creators of mischievous Apple app ‘What Country’, which succinctly sums up Italy with four words: pizza, mafia, pasta and scooters. Indeed, so discontent with this affront to Italy is Italy’s Minister of Tourism Brambilla that she has instructed lawyers to gird their loins and take legal action against Apple. I think I know who will end up eating humble pie.

Electrifyingly Innovative Piaggio

Most people know what a Vespa scooter is, even if not quite as many may be aware that Italian company behind the iconic Vespa is Piaggio. It looks as though Piaggio might be aiming to create another legend, only this time, it may bein the form of a city car, and new electric powered car at that.

A Close Shave – Scooting About Milan

Whilst on the way the Gaetano’s house on the back of Gaetano’s trusty scooter to take some photos for a little real estate experiment I’m cooking up, a twerp decided, at the last minute, that he needed petrol and pulled right across us. Gaetano pulled up rather sharply and we both ended up resting against […]