Good Weekend, Bad Weekend

Ah, spring is in the air. It’s almost feeling balmy in Milan at the moment, as winter starts to drift definitively away.

News from the Sausage front

Well, I don’t want to give too much away, but there has been some movement on the banger front. Some of these ‘ere sizzlers found their way down to deepest darkest southern Italy, and went down well. Interesting. My thanks go to my sausage partner, Gaetano Salvo for his efforts on this. He has been […]

Still busyish, but managed to find the time to brunch

Well, I managed to pay my taxes. The on-line system finally got itself together and let me make my advance donation to the Italian government. At least I won’t have to pay any fine. Now all I need is for someone to get round to paying me. Oh well, such is self-employed life. At least […]

Light Canon

Nope, that’s is not a miss-spelling, ‘Canon’ refers to my Canon 400d, which now sports a heavyweight, in all senses, Metz 58 AF-1 flash unit, more about the ‘light’ adjective later on. I drooled over this lovely piece of kit some months past, and now I’ve managed to get my hot little hands on one. […]

Sausage evening shots

It was busy: A photo of Chris, a regular, at the 442, with a friend called Valentina: Yours truly with Chris, although I have to admit that he looks happier to be in Valentina’s company. Can’t imagine why: The lovely Martina, just one of the charming young ladies who work at the 442. My son […]


Above there is a picture of the sausages that participated in the official sausage tasting at the 442 last night. The general consensus of opinion was that they weren’t half bad. This reaction supplied me with a certain amount of sausage satisfaction, I have to say. The English/Irish/American contingent, represented by Chris, Alison, Gordon and […]

Sausage Story

The photo story of how I got some British style bangers made in Italy.  The end result was very good and very tasty too! First of all you need the right cut of pork. First, you start with some meat and a smiling butcher, ideally called Piero:                 […]

Sausage Production to Commence!

Yes, that’s right. The sausage mix arrived from the UK yesterday and next Wednesday I have an appointment with the butchers to start making those English style bangers in Milan. This means that a sausage tasting will be held at the 442 on Wednesday or Thursday evening. And once the best blend has been identified, […]