Italian Rowing Team Cox Up

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It all started at a cocktail party held at the Italian embassy in Tokyo, Japan. “You know,” commented Japan’s minister for trade, “the problem with Italy is efficiency. There isn’t any.” What followed was a heated exchange between the minister and Italy’s ambassador. Italy’s outraged ambassador issued a challenge. “I’ll prove to you that Italy is […]

Italy Wants Respect from the EU, but does It Deserve Any Respect at All?

A spat is in progress between Italy and the EU. Newly elected head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker took offence at unelected Italy’s Prime Minister Renzi’s jibe that he’s the head of a band of bureaucrats. He’s not, says Juncker, even if he and Renzi both are. Anyway, Premier Renzi’s retort was that Italy would not […]

What if Italy’s Governments were Computer Operating Systems?

Just for fun, let’s compare Italy’s governments to computer operating systems. Which operating systems do you think the hotchpotch of Italian governments since 1995 could be compared to? Here’s an attempt to answer that very question. I’m sure you cannot wait to find out which computer operating system Silvio Berlusconi’s government ran. Actually, the Berlusconi operating system and its […]

The Reform Process in Italy which Doesn’t

It’s reform time in Italy! Well, that’s what Italy’s government is touting. Pretty words are being spread around Italy’s media like rose scented petals. Big promises are as common as mozzarella topped pizzas. The trouble is, many of Italy’s so-called reforms simply do not reform a thing. In fact, quite often, they make matters which […]

Likely Candidates for Italy’s New Minister for Mafia Relations Position


As far as this Italy watcher knows, Italy does not have a minister responsible for liaising with organized crime. Not officially, anyway. Should, however, one Silvio Berlusconi make it back to the top spot, which is, admittedly, unlikely, he may appoint a Minister charged with keeping Italy’s mafias content. Events over the last few weeks have indicated […]

Invest in Italy!

Italy awaits you, you lucky investor, you. It’s sunny, the food is great, the landscapes are dreamy and, well, nowadays, it sort of stops there. Here are a few, OK, quite a few reasons which might conceivably deter you from investing in Italy: 1. A legal system that’s one of the slowest, and most unpredictable […]

Italy’s Pesky Economy Ministers

Step back in time: Silvio Berlusconi announces, repeatedly, to the nation, “We’re going to cut taxes”. Berlusconi’s economy minister Tremonti, “Hang on a moment, Silvio. We’ve don’t have the money.”. Taxes go up! Jump to the present: Matteo Renzi announces, repeatedly, to the nation, “We’re going to cut taxes”. Renzi’s economy minister, Padoan, “Hang on […]

Can Microsoft Excel Save Italy?

Newbie leader of Italy’s centre-left PD party Matteo Renzi thinks Excel might help get Italy back on track. Indeed, he wants Italy’s government to take the revolutionary step of adopting Microsoft’s well-known spreadsheet application, Excel, to help keep track of Italy’s objectives. Renzi really is the Great Reformer! That a politician in 21st century Italy […]