Berlusconi the Wizard

The Italian daily, Il Corriere della Sera, ran a lovely little cartoon on its front page yesterday.

Italy’s Trashy Trouble Worsens

The out of control rubbish situation down in Naples, which has been smouldering away since 1994, has finally landed Italy in a spot of trouble. I first wrote about this troublesome issue in my Naples and Rubbish post back in May 2007, then I mentioned it once more in January this year in my Naples […]

Was I writing rubbish?

Well, yesterday I suggested that Prodi and co bring in the army to sort out the trashy chaos down around Naples. So, I was a little bit surprised to read today in one of the freebe newspapers – E Polis Milano, that the Italian government was thinking about doing just that. In fact it was […]

Want to sort out the Neopolitan trash problem Mr Prodi?

Here’s a suggestion: 1. Send in the army. Get them to tidy up, placing all the mess in large trucks and transporting it to rubbish dumps in other parts of Italy. 2. While the soldiers are sorting out the mess, impose 9pm to 6am curfew, enforced by the army. Anyone caught out and about is […]

Naples and rubbish

There is something odd going on down in Naples. Every so often there are reports of domestic rubbish piling up to health threatening levels – indeed, it is happening at the moment and these here piles are catching fire too. The only trouble is I don’t really understand why. The word that begins with ‘m’ […]