The Top Five Italian Rogues on Italy Chronicles in 2014

Which Italian rogues attracted the most attention in 2014? Here is the top five. In other words, the most roguish Italian rogues of 2014. At number one was this article about over 100 Italian rogues – those caught up in Italy’s, ongoing, Rome mafia scandal: One Hundred Italian Rogues of the Week – the Corrupt Rome Mafia […]

Italian Rogue of the Week: Michele Baldi

Who is Michele Baldi? A very good question. Baldi is one of Italy’s many politicians and one of the more slippery ones too. This gentleman is someone who has jumped from the pseudo Berlusconi led right into the midst of the pseudo left leaning party of Italy’s present prime minister Matteo Renzi. Before joining the Berlusconi mob, […]

One Hundred Italian Rogues of the Week – the Corrupt Rome Mafia

The full story of mafia-like goings on in Rome, Italy’s capital, is still breaking. The tale is a convoluted one involving politicians, entrepreneurs, criminals, financiers, police, and even secret service agents. Repercussions from the Rome scandal may reach all the way to Italy’s government and could even cause it to topple, though it is too […]

Italian Rogue of the Week – Viareggio Council

Now how can a whole council end up with the infamous title of Rogue of the Week on Italy Chronicles? Simple. Repeated councils, both left and right leaning, have made such a mess of running Viareggio that the area has been saddled with a €100 million debt. Guess who’s going to have lend a had […]

Italian Rogues of the Week – The Genoa Managers Who Didn’t

Genoa in Italy, as you might have heard, was hit last week by major flooding. One person died and hundreds of millions of Euros worth of damage was caused, yet the public sector managers who could have prevented the disaster received performance bonuses though not for their flood prevention endeavours. After a similar incident in […]

Italian Rogue of the Week – Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin

Now just how can Italy’s health minister end up as the rogue of the week? I’ll explain. Beatrice Lorenzin, Italy’s health minister, craftily crafted job profiles which determined exactly who would get top jobs! Italian newspaper, Il Fatto Quotidiano, which dedicates just about its all its column inches to uncovering dodgy dealing within Italy’s government, predicted exactly […]

Italian Rogue of the Week – Claudio Descalzi

Claudio Descalzi, the current boss of Italian energy giant Eni, has recently found himself in a spot of bother over allegations of bribery in connection with obtaining oil field concessions in Nigeria. Allegedly, Eni paid Nigeria, or more likely, dodgy officials in the African country renown the world over for 419 email scams, just over €1 billion. […]

Italian Rogue of the Week – Raffaele Lombardo

Corruption Can Kill

Raffaele Lombardo is a former Italian politician who was once the president, or governor, of the Italian region of Sicily. He’s now in hot legal water up to his bushy eyebrows owing to his allegedly intimate relationship with the top echelons of Italy’s infamous organised crime gang, the mafia, or so a court in Italy found. The dishonourable Lombardo, found […]

Italian Rogue of the Week – Carlo Tavecchio

Despite what was widely suspected as a racist jibe, Carlo Tavecchio managed to become the latest president the Italian Football Federation (IFF). Not only is Tavecchio’s level of racial tolerance questionable, so is the man’s integrity and honesty. His actions so far appear to confirm fears. 71 one year old Tavecchio has been tried and convicted […]