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Mayor of Venice Arrested in MOSE Project Corruption Scandal

After the greedy came very close to sinking Milan’s flagship Expo 2015 event, now 35 people including Giorgio Orsoni, the Mayor of Venice, have been arrested for bribery and corruption in connection with the 7 billion Euro MOSE project. Recent rumblings surrounding the MOSE project had suggested that arrests may have been on the cards. Those […]

Italian Rogue of the Week – Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone

While nominating a cardinal of the Roman Catholic church may reduce my, admittedly limited, chances of beatification, it is something I’m prepared to risk in order to bring accusations facing one Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone to your attention. Cardinal Bertone, a former Vatican Secretary of State, came within a hair’s breadth of earning the Italian Rogue of […]

Italian Rogue of the Week – Mauro Floriani

Alessandra Mussolini

Mauro Floriani, the husband of Alessandra Mussolini, has admitted to multiple encounters with schoolgirl prostitutes in Rome. Alessandra Mussolini is an extreme right ring Italian politician and grandchild of infamous Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, Ms Mussolini’s husband Floriani is the father of three children, Caterina, Clarissa, and Romano, yet this did not put him off […]

Italian Rogues of the Week: The Ligresti Family

Recently in Italy, a whole family of Italian rogues was arrested. That family was not some bunch of mafia mavericks, but the Ligresti family which was heavily involved in insurance in Italy. The business methods of the Ligresti family were somewhat unconventional and allegedly included unhealthy doses of market manipulation, otherwise known as insider dealing, […]

Italian Rogue of the Week: Nunzio Scarano

Nunzio Scarano, if you have not heard of him, is a senior Italian cleric who worked within the Vatican Bank as an accountant until he was suspended from his duties around a month ago. Recently, this priest was arrested. Along with an Italian secret services agent and a financial broker, dodgy priest Scarano had been allegedly […]

Italian Rogues of the Week: Italy’s Politicians

For failing to end the political impasse, and failing to govern floundering Italy, this week’s Rogue of the Week “award” goes to nearly all of Italy’s politicians. Italy’s center-left PD and Berlusconi fan club PdL parties simply cannot stop bickering. Their silly little power games are damaging an already seriously ill nation. Italy’s tax burden has […]

Italian Rogue of the Week – Vittorio Sgarbi

Vittorio Sgarbi is an Italian art critic, television personality, actor, and politician who is probably one of the most foul mouthed, aggressive, short-tempered Italians you are ever likely to be unlucky enough to meet. With a list of convictions, mainly for slander, as long as your arm, Sgarbi continues to pop up on Italian television. […]