The Best Restaurant in Italy: Al Sorriso

The Best Restaurant in Italy - Al Sorriso

Elite Traveler’s World’s Top Restaurants magazine, a luxury lifestyle publication, has recently published a list of the top 100 restaurants in the world. Rather surprisingly, only one restaurant in Italy made it into the top 20 – Al Sorriso in Piedmont. Well Done, Al Sorriso! Still, all credit to Al Sorriso for this achievement which means it […]

A New Gourmet Rooftop Restaurant in Milan

A New Rooftop Restaurant in Milan?

While out with my camera around Christmas in central Milan last year, I spotted what looked like a new rooftop restaurant, bar, club or whatever, right next to the entrance to the elegant Vittorio Emanuele II shopping arcade. I have investigated and have discovered that the structure is a gourmet ‘roving’ restaurant called The Cube […]

Prosecco in Venice

What a great way to pass one’s, ahem, 45th birthday – in Venice with lots of Prosecco, good food in good restaurants, and great company too. Even the weather was kind and the great spirit kept the rain at bay too! I like Venice an awful lot.

Expensive Milan

My post on the sky high bill which a couple of Japanese tourists received after dining at Rome’s Il Passetto restaurant has attracted some attention. The Italian press has also been hunting for other similar stories too, and has found a couple of other supposedly extreme bills.

Coda di Rospo in Il Quadrifoglio

We’re pretty lucky really. There are quite a few interesting restaurants dotted around the area of Milan in which we live. Indeed, there is an excellent little restaurant literally two minutes walk from our house.

Eat like a God in the Aligia Restaurant, Vrasi

According to my Italy expert, Gaetano Salvo, ‘si mangia da Deo’ – ‘you eat like a God’ (rough translation from Italian), or rather ‘the food is wonderful’ in the Aligia Restaurant (map link), down in Vrasi. Vrasi, by the way, is about half way between Salerno and Catanzaro in south Italy, and a little inland […]

Celanto a settembre, Milan – a great little restaurant

We went out this evening with some friends, and they took us to an interesting restaurant which, it has to be said, is a little out on a limb. This is something of a shame because the place has a nice relaxed atmosphere, and more importantly, great food and wine. Our friends had already been […]

Italian food

To round off the weekend, we ended up at a local restaurant this Sunday evening. The place, called Il Quadrifoglio (four-leaf clover), is located merely a stone’s throw away from our place and it does do some nice stuff. This time round we had a rather scrumptious plate of salmon with tagliatelle, scamorza cheese and […]