Valpolicella Ripasso Red Wine, A Lovely Alternative to Amarone

Lucifer May Create Great Italian Wines

From the years when I lived in the UK, fizzy Valpolicella was not a red I liked too much. Indeed, the Valpolicella on offer in the UK more or less put me off Valpolicella for life and I tended to avoid it in Italy too. Well, that’s now changed seeing as I have discovered Valpolicella Ripasso […]

Give Us This Day Our Daily Sfuso Wine

Like a drop of wine?  Me too!  How fortunate I am, therefore, to be living in a country awash with wines, many of them internationally renowned – Barolo, Brunello,  Chianti, Vernaccia etc., and my own particular favourite, Amarone (on special occasions).  While they lie lightly on the palate, they tend to be rather heavy on […]

Lovely Selvarossa Riserva Red Wine


Recently, I tried a bottle of 2004 Selvarossa Riserva red wine which I had kept back for the cooler weather and an apt occasion. I was lucky to receive a bottle of Selvarossa Riserva as a gift from one of my business English course students – Luca Perrone.  Luca spoke very highly of Selvarossa Riserva so I was […]

Italian Wine – A Growth Industry

Lucifer May Create Great Italian Wines

Italy’s annual wine fair, the Verona based VinItaly is on until the 28th March.  Perhaps a little surprisingly, in these times of economic gloom, it is Italy’s prospering wine trade which provides a more than a few rays of sunlight. After France and Spain, Italy is the world’s third largest wine producer by volume.  While […]

Wine of the Year – Talamonti Moda

Wine of the Year -Talamonti Moda 2009

I’m very happy to report that Abruzzo winemaker Talamonti’s Moda 2009 DOC red wine has won the Altroconsumo Best Wine of 2012 award.  Well done to Talamonti! I have to say that I’m not that surprised a Talamonti wine has won an award.  I was lucky enough to have received a selection of Talamonti wines […]

A Gold Medal Italian Wine – Titinge 2008

Titinge Riserva a fine red wine from Abruzzo, Italy

Good news from the Fontefico winery near Vasto in Abruzzo! Fontefico’s Titinge 2008 red wine has won a gold medal at the Singapore Wine Style Asia Awards.  Another of Fontefico’s wines, its Montepulciano 2007 won a bronze medal. I visited Fontefico when I was in Abruzzo last summer and tried the winery’s Titinge red while […]

Kudos to Kudos

Talamonti's impressive Kudos Red Wine

As a result of my summer trip to Abruzzo, I met the sales director of the Abruzzo based Talamonti winery – Rodrigo Redmont – while he was in Milan in business.  Rodrigo kindly left me a crate of Talamonti’s wines to try and the right moment to taste one of them finally presented itself last […]

Abruzzo Wine and the Excellent Fontefico Titinge Riserva

While passing a relaxing week in Abruzzo, Italy, I was taken to the Fontefico winery and wine bar just outside the charming little town of Vasto. The Fontefico winery is an artisan wine producer which produces around 20,000 bottles of wine each year, and what it produces, four reds and a white, it produces lovingly.  Fontefico […]

Five Great Italian Wines for the Festive Season

Fontanafredda Barolo

Looking for something special to partner the turkey, mince pies and Christmas pud?

Italy based Wine blogger and Italian wine lover David Brenner suggests five great Italian wines for the festive season!

Over to you, David.