Soup Testing

The results of the La Cucina Italiana and Blog from Italy soup contest are coming closer. Owing to son in hospital and the commitments of the other testers the taste testing sessions have yet to be completed, but are proceeding as I write.

Send in Those Super Recipes!

This is a reminder to say that from 12:00am GMT September 12th to 12:00 am GMT September 19th you can send in your entries to the La Cucina Italiana and Blog from Italy recipe contest.

Blog from Italy’s Honorable Mention – Platial + Frappr 2007 awards

I got an unexpected email yesterday from Platial + Frappr yesterday telling me that the Platial Map on this here blog had been awarded an honorable mention in the Platial + Frappr 2007 awards Local Guides section. I did not even know I had been nominated! To show off this award, I’ve added a new […]