Beppe Grillo’s 5 Star Movement in Action


Last Friday evening I was invited to attend a meeting between some of Beppe Grillo’s 5 Star Movement’s newly elected MPs. Here’s an article on what went on and how I found the event. Italy’s RAI television channel had sent a camera crew and a reporter, but neither the crew nor the microphone wielding reporter were allowed […]

Italy’s Politicians Wait With Baited Breath

Local elections are in progress at present in Italy.  The voting, some 9.5 million Italians are due to go the polls, ends today. In an atmosphere of anti-politics, Italy’s politicians are worried about the results.  Especially concerned are those parties which have sided with Mario Monti and his team of technocrats.  Monti’s allies fear a […]

Monti’s Uphill Struggle

Italy Needs Mario Monti

Running Italy is proving to be no bed of roses for Italy’s successor to Silvio Berlusconi. Italy’s current prime minister Mario Monti is being given a hard time by in the political arena.  Beyond Italy’s notoriously argumentative politicians, obstreperous unions are also most unhappy with Monti’s austerity measures. Italy’s two main political parties, the Berlusconi […]

Italy’s Judges are Communists


That Italy’s judiciary is a communist coven is a claim Italy’s prime minister Silvio Berlusconi makes virtually daily.

Recently, in the face of Rubygate these claims have reached a new crescendo.

But is it true? Has Italy’s judiciary been penetrated by communist infiltrators? In other words, is there any evidence that Berlusconi’s mantra that judges in Italy are communists is true?

Italian Politicians told to Respect Italy’s Flag!

Lillaz near Cogne, Italy

I did something of a double take when I read that Italy’s president Napolitano had effectively told Italy’s politicians to pay more respect to Italy’s national flag.

And this is a special year for Italy too – the country is supposed to be celebrating 150 years of unity.

Not that much celebrating will be going on in Italy by the looks of things.

Italian News Roundup – September 2010

Beautiful Bologna, Italy

Well, I’m sorry, but I’ve been a little busy with other projects to dedicate time to post writing on Blog from Italy, alas. I’m going to make up for this a little by writing about what is in the news in Italy at the moment, which is rather a lot, actually.

Italian News Fragments from July 2010

It’s hot here. Summer was a little late in coming this year, but it’s well and truly here now. I’m keeping busy, which is good, but I’m finding less time to blog about Italy, which is not so good. Here’s a little of what his happening in Italy at the moment.

The Curious Case of Aldo Brancher

Aldo Brancher is Italy’s latest minister, and an old friend and associate of one Silvio Berlusconi. Supposedly, Brancher is the minister of ‘Decentralisation and Subsidiarity’, whatever that means. Anyway, approximately two seconds after being appointed Minister Brancher has become embroiled in scandal.

Does Italy Need another Dictator?

Before you and my Italian readers throw their hands up in horror at the thought of another dictator taking power in Italy, I don’t mean another Mussolini, more of a Lee Kuan Yew. ‘A Lee Kuan who?’, you might be asking yourselves.