Italy’s ‘Unsafe’ Spaghetti Must Be Shortened Orders EU

EU regulation shortened spaghetti

The blood of Italy’s agriculture and food minister Maurizio Martino is said be boiling over a new EU regulation ordering Italy to cut the length of its ‘dangerous’ spaghetti. Italy’s spaghetti is too long states EU Regulation 04/2016 which goes on to say that the length of Italy’s iconic pasta means it is unsafe. Apparently the European Commission has received numerous claims […]

Do You Pizzoccheri? If not, then perhaps you should.


Have you ever heard of pizzoccheri? Possibly not, until now, that is. Pizzoccheri is a hearty Italian winter pasta dish. Ideal for vegetarians, it uses a special type of pasta, from which it takes its name. Read on for a pizzoccheri recipe. A very tasty and filling dish, it’s ideal for the cold winter weather, as the inhabitants […]

Try Pasta in Brodo, a Tasty, Easy to Cook, Italian Winter Dish

Winter is more or less here in Italy and there’s snow blanketing much of the north and centre today.  It’s cold!  Time for some winter food, like pasta in brodo, which also happens to be a traditional Christmas dish in areas of north and central Italy, such as Emilia Romagna, Umbria and Le Marche. Pasta in […]

Pizza, Mafia, Pasta and Scooters, Italy Versus Apple


Oh dear, Italy is not at all happy with the creators of mischievous Apple app ‘What Country’, which succinctly sums up Italy with four words: pizza, mafia, pasta and scooters. Indeed, so discontent with this affront to Italy is Italy’s Minister of Tourism Brambilla that she has instructed lawyers to gird their loins and take legal action against Apple. I think I know who will end up eating humble pie.

The Right Pasta

To celebrate the continued success of his idol Silvio Berlusconi, small Sicilian pasta maker, Benito Destroni, has created a new type of ravioli in his honour.

Judith’s Judgement

First of all, I’ve been itching to tell you that next Friday I’ll be posting details of Blog from Italy’s first recipe contest. As a little incentive, there will also be prizes in the form of three one year subscriptions which have been kindly offered by the US version of highly regarded and wonderfully illustrated […]

Rummo Pasta is No Ordinary Pasta

I have discovered Rummo pasta and I like it. Why is it a cut above your run-of-the-mill Barilla? Well, for two reasons. First, it has a higher than normal protein level because Rummo use good quality (Australian!) wheat and secondly because it is made using a special slow manufacturing process which results in a better quality pasta.

Chocolate pasta

I forgot to mention that at the Paolo Sarpi street fair we picked up a bag of ‘cocoa’ flavoured pasta.  It’s brown, as you would expect and is real pasta, not just chocolate dressed up to look like pasta. We have not tried it yet, but apparently it goes very will with ‘salsa di noci’, […]

From Pasta Hell to Pasta Heaven

Yesterday we had friends round for lunch and being in Italy, we kicked off with pasta. Nothing unusual there, you may think. Well, there was something unusual.