Bra Thief Caught in Italy’s Bra

It’s the kind of news journalists probably dream of! Yes, a bra, and knicker, thief has been caught pinching underwear in Italy in the Italian town in Piedmont which, wait for it, calls itself Bra! No, this is no April fool! In Italian, bra, as in the form of undergarment, is reggiseno, so although the event […]

Parachutist Lands in Central Milan

Today, at the crack of dawn, a young parachutist landed in Milan’s central Piazza Duomo. It is believed, though has not been confirmed, that the man leaped off Milan’s Duomo cathedral. After landing, police, who are often present in the piazza, say the man unhitched his parachute and ran to Milan’s underground railway system before […]

Potty Cop Copped

A cannabis plant

This is the kind of story which will probably find its way into the comical Reuters’ Oddly Enough news columns.  An Italian carabinieri policeman was recently arrested for growing cannabis plants – in his police station!  Well, he grew the dope within the apartment he occupied on carabinieri premises.  What a bright button. Around seventeen […]

Vergin’ on the Ridiculous

A 20 year old Italian girl has offered to give up her virginity in return for one million Euros.

That said girl was one of the contestants from that most vacuous of shows in which a group of air heads are kept in a vacuum for a certain length of time is not much of a surprise.

A Curious Inconsistency

Don’t ask me why my odd little mind ended up considering this, but the fact remains that in Italian the word ‘giorno’ – day, is a ‘male’ word, whereas the word for week – ‘settimana’ is female. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why this is the case. Italian is one of those languages, that, […]

Chaos in Part of Milan this Morning

When I got to the business school in the Fiera area of Milan this morning, at around 9, I found just about all the classrooms deserted. Oops, I’ve arrived far too early, I thought. I checked the time, and it was indeed around 9, on both my trusty mobiles. Very odd. I had noticed that […]

Confetti, canival, and children

It’s that time of year again. A time of children, and adults, in costume, and streets paved in small fragments of coloured paper. A time of processions and street fairs. Of cars covered in shaving foam and party string. Yes, it the, for me, mysterious carnival season. I don’t know what the appeal of it […]

Sarkozy likes the BBC, possibly!

UPDATE: 14.01.08 – Having now read more of the articles in Il Sole, I can now understand why the paper used the headline saying that ‘State TV without advertising would not work’.  The article basically argues that just about all TV and Internet, is only possible due to advertising.   Whilst this is partially true, I […]