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Italy’s Gaffeman

So far, Berlusconi’s off-the-cuff quips have not resulted in a scandal which could go by the name ‘gaffegate’, but Silvio Berlusconi is not doing wonders for the image of Italy and Italians around the world.

Important Note

It is likely that Blog from Italy will be down for up to three days – hopefully much less.

Warring Ministers

In the right corner we have Italy’s Defence Minsiter, Ignazio La Russa. In the other right corner, donning his gloves, there is Italy’s Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni.

More Proof that the UK is Sicker than Italy

The Great British Bulldog has heart problems. After writing a post entitled The UK is Sicker than Italy, alas, I then read of this recent and particularly horrific crime in the UK. The title of the BBC story says it all ‘Horror descends on quiet street‘. The story seems to indicate that the do gooders […]

The UK is Sicker than Italy

Over on Man of Roma’s thoughtful blog, I made a bold statement. What I said is that the UK is in a greater state of decline than Italy.

Good News!

I nearly forgot about this. The other day, an Italian reader wrote to the E-Polis free newspaper to, in a way, stand up for immigrants in Italy. This reader had lost his mobile phone, but then, luckily, the police called him to say that it had been handed in to them. When this person asked […]

Good News? What Good News?

After writing recently about plenty of bad things going on in Italy at the moment, today I tried to find something a little less negative to write about. However, after trawling the ‘Italia’ section of Google News, and having seen headlines referring to knifings, murders, drug dealers, road accidents, and the Pope, I’ve concluded that […]

Blind Cheek

The Far Sighted Record Breaker There is a lovely little story in Milan’s freebie newspaper ‘Epolis Milano‘ today all about a guy down in Taranto who pretended to be blind. The story gets better, though. This ingenious chap managed to keep his perfect vision out of sight for twenty four years! I wonder if there […]