New Year’s Fireworks Banned in Many Italian Cities


New Year is seen in with a bang in Italy – with lots of bangs caused by thousands of fireworks actually, and, sadly, with lots of accidents, injuries and even some loss of life. This year, the number of incidents should fall as a number of major Italian cities and local councils ban traditional end […]

New Year’s Traditions in Italy

Seafood Soup for the New Year in Italy

Christmas and New Year in Italy are a huge excuse for Italians to push the boat out and eat lots of food and sample plenty of drink too. But gastronomic delights are only part of the story.

As you may know, Italy is a land which is rich in traditions which vary from region to region and from city to city. At New Year though many of what goes on is common to most of Italy, although it would take ages to list all the combinations of food and wine which will end up on Italian New Year tables this evening.

New Year Nosh in Italy

Lobster and Cristina

This episode of Food and Wine Friday feature is dedicated to the mountain of food we consumed during our New Year’s Eve bash.

An Explosive New Year in Italy

New Years are widely celebrated in Italy, and this year was no exception. The centres of most of Italy’s major towns and cities are traditionally jam packed with people waiting for the count down to the next year.

Waste not, want not

Yesterday I cooked up an improvised cacuicco, which, if you do not know, is an Italian fish soup. I’d had this soup several times, so I though I’d have a go at making it, in order to use up some seafood that had been left over from our New Year’s festivities. I did not follow […]

Naples is burning, again

Some time back, I wrote about the rubbish situation down in Naples. Well, it appears as though the trash story has flared up yet again. All the national news here is alight with images of huge piles of rubbish, and huge piles of rubbish alight. I had heard that the Neapolitan trash thing had been […]

New Year, new photos

I’ve just got back from having spent a very pleasant few hours wandering the streets near where I live in Milan. I whiled away these hours taking photos. Night photos, as you might expect. It’s just about two in the morning here, so I won’t be firing up my pc and ‘processing’ any of my […]