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A journalist I know thought I might like to have a go at a writing assignment for men’s magazine site

A Close Shave – Scooting About Milan

Whilst on the way the Gaetano’s house on the back of Gaetano’s trusty scooter to take some photos for a little real estate experiment I’m cooking up, a twerp decided, at the last minute, that he needed petrol and pulled right across us. Gaetano pulled up rather sharply and we both ended up resting against […]

Who says Technology is Anti-Social?

Admittedly being stuck in front of a screen typing away would not appear to be a particularly social thing to do, but, as a result of tapping away, I’ve got to meet, both virtually, and in reality, some great people. The other evening after exchanging a few emails, after being put in touch with with […]

Do you remember Christmas?

A couple of long exposure  shots (20 seconds) taken inside the chique Van Gogh bar near Parco Sempione in Milan around Christmas last year. I’d forgotten about these, but I quite like them. The red cast is down to the red lighting in the place, but the feel is quite good I think: And the […]

Radio Millenium 88.7 FM Milan

Radio Millennium is the Italian radio station I listen to most often, mainly because it plays lots of music I really love – 80s music.

It is March, isn’t it?

Well, the calendars say it is March. I have not had my birthday yet, and it’s in March, so, I must conclude that it is indeed March. Why then did today feel like a day in late May here in very sunny and very warm Milan? No idea, but it was very welcome. Winter, such […]

An Interesting Car Month in Milan.

First, I caught sight of a very sleek matt-black Maserati down in the centre, only to learn afterwards that it is one of a kind and belongs to none other than Lapo Elkann who is one of the Fiat clan. Presumably Lapo was at the helm. The car was being driven rather briskly too, I […]

Celanto a settembre, Milan – a great little restaurant

We went out this evening with some friends, and they took us to an interesting restaurant which, it has to be said, is a little out on a limb. This is something of a shame because the place has a nice relaxed atmosphere, and more importantly, great food and wine. Our friends had already been […]

Experimental Night Photos

If you would like to have a look at some of the shots I took last night, then please pop on over to my Flickr collection. Just click here: Milan by Night I don’t mind if anyone borrows these photos, if they think they are worth borrowing, that is, but I would appreciate some credit. […]