Milan Dreaming – A Video

Last year, I showed off a very well done video of my city in Italy – Milan.  Here is another. It seems that another DSLR armed amateur filmmaker, or video maker, has been out and about shooting Milan and the results of Francesco Paciocco‘s efforts do capture much of the character of what may well be […]

The Black and White and Color Bar

Guitarist and Dog

I was out and about at Café Bistrot, an arty bar a stone’s throw from my home in Milan, last night.  Aside from being a friendly place, this bar is also rather photogenic and live music can often be heard there.  Owner Carlotta is a down to earth lass and her presence undoubtedly adds to […]

Milan’s Buzzing Naviglio and How to Get there

Elvis Presley Milan, Italy

I’m not sure how many visitors to Milan end up in the Naviglio area of Milan unless they’ve done a little homework before coming to the city. Those that do make it to Milan’s canal area will be greeted by a bewildering selection of pubs, bars, restaurants and other eateries, plus live music and other […]

Capturing the Heart and Soul of Milan on Film

Milan's Duomo cathedral by night - Christmas 2010

Thanks to Italy Chronicles Italian design writer, Paolo Feroleto, I’ve found this excellent video tour of Milan, the city in Italy in which I have lived for many a year. The quality of the video is very high and it gives the viewer a good idea of what Milan is all about. It was shot […]

Berlusconi is Crying

David took down Goliath in Milan, Italy yesterday, as centre-left candidate Pisapia‘s intelligent use of limited election campaign funding conquered hearts and minds in the traditionally right-wing Italian city in a local election which had taken on national significance. The parts of the Goliaths, for there were two, were played by billionaire Silvio Berlusconi and […]

Twitter Awash with MorattiQuotes

Andy Violet

It all started with a snide comment made right at the end of a Sky interview between two of the main candidates for mayorship of Milan, Italy and ended with the ridiculing of one of the candidates: Silvio Berlusconi favourite Letizia Moratti on Twitter via morattiquotes. Current mayor Letizia Moratti slipped in at the very […]

The Tallest Building in Italy

There’s a lot on interest in tall buildings at the moment. The opening today of 2,684 feet high Dubai Tower, which is now officially the world’s tallest building, is attracting considerable attention. Do you know what the tallest building in Italy is?

Guess Where in Italy? Part 2 – The Answer

Nora of Enchanting Italy correctly identified the location of the mosaic, which is situated right in the centre of Milan’s elegant Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, shopping arcade in Milan, Italy.

Splitting Italy

Umberto Bossi, the irascible leader of Italy’s Northern League party does not like Italy. I get the impression that he’d love to see a form of de-unification, and here’s how he could achieve his dream.