Explore Milan’s Architecture with this Book

An example of Milan's architecture - The red topped UniCredit Tower

I had some time to kill this evening while I was in downtown Milan so I browsed the books in the Hoepli book store. I came across an interesting little book on Milan’s architecture: Milan Architecture Guide 1945-2015 – which you can find in Kindle and normal book form on Amazon. There are plenty of […]

How to Buy Milan Public Transport Tickets with Your Mobile

Did you know that there’s an easy way to buy Milan public transport tickets? Well there is. All you need is to text the letters Atm to the number 48444 from your mobile and just about instantly you’ll receive an electronic ticket. To be able to use the Milan public transport electronic tickets, your phone […]

Places to visit in Milan – San Maurizio Church

San Maurizio Church, Milan

There is certainly no shortage of places to visit in Milan, Italy, but you might not have heard of San Maurizio church. If you have not, then perhaps you should have because the art within is simply amazing and is well worth seeing. Indeed, this church has been dubbed by one Italian art expert as […]

Navigli canal Area – Milan’s Restored Darsena

The Darsena of Milan, formerly the hub of Milan’s navigli canal area and once the city’s canal port, has recently been given a complete facelift. Situated in Milan’s navigli canal area, the former port has been transformed from something of an eyesore into an additional attraction for this area of Milan famous for its nightlife, […]

Ten Popular Milan Travel Guides for Expo Visitors

Milan's Duomo Cathedral

If you are planning on visiting the 2015 Expo in Milan, then don’t miss out on the rest of this northern Italian city. And if you have time, head for Italy’s lakes too. On the subject of the Expo, expect long queues to get in, some trouble finding toilets but don’t miss reportedly fascinating Pavilion […]

Milan Expo 2015 Works Running Late

It does not look as if all of the pavilions being constructed for the 2015 Milan Expo will be finished in time for the May 1st opening. Construction works are running so late that there’s no time for Italy’s authorities to carry out safety inspections. Instead, the contractors involved are to be allowed to “auto […]

Coming Soon to Milan and Palermo – Cyclopride Day 2014

Cyclopride, an Italian association working to promote the joys of cycling in Italy, has organized two CycloPride Day cycle rides on May 11, 2014. One takes place in Milan, which is where I live, and the other is in Palermo in sunny Sicily. The Milan CycloPride Day involves a 16 kilometre (just under 10 miles) cycle ride around […]

A Song for Americans in Milan – Arrivederci Americano

Milan is Still Suffering from Smog Problems

This is a mellow song for Americans in Milan – Arrivederci Americano – Goodbye American. Thanks to singer, songwriter and video director Nils Brakchi, Mofosteel, for sending the video in. Nils is Danish. He thinks being from the cold north is probably what gives the song its melancholic feel. Nils more or less wrote the song for […]

Licked: Milan’s Midnight Ice Cream Ban

It’s looking as if Milan’s ban on eating ice cream in certain areas of the city after midnight may soon be lifted – a mere two days or so after it was announced. The introduction of the ice cream ban created much fuss in Milan. Twitter filled up with lots of often caustic comments on […]