Ferrari Chairman Montezemolo Helps Americans

Thanks to Gianluca, one of my tourism master students, I heard a charming story of Italian chivalry. The star of this story was a certain Luca Cordera di Montezemolo, who, when not acting as an impromptu taxi driver, runs Italian sports car maker, Ferrari.

An Interesting Car Month in Milan.

First, I caught sight of a very sleek matt-black Maserati down in the centre, only to learn afterwards that it is one of a kind and belongs to none other than Lapo Elkann who is one of the Fiat clan. Presumably Lapo was at the helm. The car was being driven rather briskly too, I […]


Nope, I’m not going to waffle on about eco friendly fuels, but in my continuing micro-attempt to raise the feel-good factor for Italy in these troubled times, I’m going to have a look at an Italian brand, which, at first, for quite a few years, I did not know was Italian. Not a surprise; I […]

The Power of Italy

In these troubled times in Italy, I’m going to buck the trend and have a look at something which puts Italy in the kind of light it should be in permanently. That something is the Italian car company, which I regard as being the Italian equivalent of Aston Martin. That company is Maserati.