Is the Mafia Still Powerful in Italy?

Even people who have never been to Italy have probably heard of Italy’s infamous mafia organised crime groups. Just how powerful are Italy’s mafia groups today?

Why Hasn’t the ISIS Mounted an Attack in Italy?

Franco Gabrielli, the head of Italy’s police, stated that sooner or later, the ISIS will mount an attack in Italy. The question is, why hasn’t this happened already? Germany, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom have all suffered at the hands of ISIS sponsored terrorist attacks but Italy, a little surprisingly perhaps, remains unscathed. The […]

Sicilian Mafia – More Businesses in Palermo Say No to the Pizzo

Seven years ago, I wrote about businesses in Palermo, Sicily that were refusing to pay ‘pizzo’ extortion money to the Sicilian mafia. How is the situation today? Well, to find out, I spoke to Giusy Galluzzo of Addiopizzo, an organization that is working to end mafia extortion in Palermo. Ms Galluzzo told me that Addiopizzo is […]

Communion and Liberation – An Unholy Italian Organisation?

Every year as summer draws to a close, Italy’s media fills with reports of two major meetings. One is the Meeting for friendship among peoples and the other is the Ambrosetti Forum. Both are attended by Italian and international movers and shakers. Usually, Italy’s prime ministers make an appearance at these meetings too. This year, 2014, Italy’s latest […]

Italy’s Mafia Issue – Is Mafia Power Growing or Falling?


Is the mafia still a problem for Italy? The Berlusconi government claimed it seized a record number of mafia assets and arrests of mafia bosses do seem commonplace. However, reports of the mafia infiltrating Italy’s local councils and of councils being dissolved because of mafia control pop up in Italy’s press regularly too. Preparations for […]

Berlusconi and Andreotti Mafia Parallels

The mafia is in Milan, italy

Something Italy’s two most controversial leaders, Silvio Berlusconi and the recently departed Giulio Andreotti, share is their supposed relationships with Italy’s Sicilian mafia. Both have organised crackdowns on the mafia too. A court did determine that Andreotti’s contact with the mafia was very real, whereas links between Berlusconi and the mafia have yet to be conclusively established. Curiously, at […]

Italian Rogue of the Week – Nicola Cosentino

Nicola Cosentino hit the headlines in Italy after this soon to be ex-politician was scrubbed from Silvio Berlusconi’s electoral lists. Cosentino may now end up in a jail cell and he knows it. Why was Cosentino removed? Quite simply because of very strong suspicions that he has connections to organised crime. Actually, that Cosentino has links to […]

A Musical Tribute to Italy’s Courageous Anti-Mafia Brigades

A post I wrote on Italy Chronicles back in 2009 – Italian Courage – has inspired a song by one Berni Armstrong.  And it’s not just any old song, but one which pays tribute to the extreme bravery and selflessness of all those courageous Italians who put their lives on the line to combat organised […]

The Offer Antonio Ingroia Cannot Refuse

Those of you who read Italy Chronicles from outside of Italy have probably never heard of the Italian magistrate Antonio Ingroia.  If this is the case, you will not have heard Ingroia has recently been made an offer he cannot refuse. In Italy though, and especially in Palermo, Sicily, Antonio Ingroia is quite well known and […]