Bad Weather in Italy Sparks Cinque Terre Flooding Fears

Monterosso, one of the five gorgous Cinque Terre affected by Floods in 2011

A recent bout of stormy weather battering Italy has led to worries that devastating floods may hit the scenic Cinque Terre area of Italy once more. Severe flooding caused loss of live and extensive damage to the Cinque Terre area of Liguria back in October 2011.  The area has just about recovered from last year’s disaster. […]

A Hidden Gem, Italy’s Alta Val Trebbia

A View of the Alta Val Trebbia area of Italy

Italy has an incredible number of hidden gems.  From idyllic unknown beaches to undiscovered valleys, like the Alta Val Trebbia area, where one can go rafting, and find a magical castle, amongst other things. Often visitors to Italy aim for the big three – Florence, Venice and Rome, or land in Tuscany and that’s it.  […]

Lovely Liguria

The Lovely Liguria Coastline

While not as well known as some areas of Italy, namely Tuscany, the Liguria region of Italy is an absolute jewel. The Liguria area is well known for the glorious five Cinque Terre seaside villages, and the luxurious and stunningly pretty Porto Fino.  What some visitors overlook is that most of the steep Liguria coastline […]

The Black and White Cinque Terre

Being someone who has always loved photography, I am often to be found with a camera, and when I last went to the Cinque Terre in Liguria, I took my trusty DSLR with me. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with black and white images. There’s something about black and white I prefer over color.  I’m not […]

Is Visiting the Cinque Terre Still Possible?

The short answer is yes, after the October 2011 floods, the Cinque Terre of Liguria in northern Italy can still be visited.  Remember that there five Cinque Terre villages – as the ‘Cinque’ – 5 in Italian, indicates.  Only two of the Cinque Terre villages were affected by the October 2011 flooding – Monterosso and […]

Cinque Terre Floods

You may have heard that the popular tourist destination of the Cinque Terre, Liguria in Italy has been extensively damaged as a result of recent flooding. The Cinque Terre villages of Monterosso and Vernazza were particularly badly hit. Here are a couple of videos which show the extent of the damage. The first short video […]

The Biggest Apple Museum in the World is in Italy

iPhones are Attractive

Although one would expect the biggest Apple museum in the world to be situated in some suitably impressive high-tech fruit-shaped architect-designed structure in the core of Silicon Valley, it isn’t.  According to Italian news website Linkiesta, the biggest Apple museum in the world is in Quiliano, Savona in northern Italy. Like where?! A very good […]

Italian Mafia Moves North

Corleone in Sicily - A Mafia HQ?

There have been a growing number of reports in Italy’s press on Italian mafia operations expanding into Italy’s north. Traditionally, Italy’s infamous organized crime syndicates did their dirty work predominantly in Italy’s south, or at least that was the stereotypical impression one got. For those not living in Italy, I suspect that the whole of Italy […]

A Spider in Bed? This is Much Worse

An Italian Euscorpius italicus Scorpion

You probably don’t like finding a spider in bed. Well, imagine if that spider stings. Scorpions belong to the same family as spiders, except, as you might know, scorpions sting. Now, did you know that Italy has scorpions? No? Well it does and some of these little blighters like nothing more than to explore beds. […]