In Memoriam: Murdered Italian Journalists Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin

Ilaria Alpi

Few beyond Italy’s borders will have heard of late Italian journalists Ilaria Alpi who was murdered in Somalia along with cameraman Miran Hrovatin this very day in 1994. Exactly why Ms Alpi and Mr Hrovatin were killed remains a mystery though it is believed Alpi was killed because she had been getting too close to […]

If You Are From Naples, You Stink

According to a now, suspended, Italian sports reporter, Italians from the southern Italian city of Naples have a distinctive stink. The malodorous comment made by Giampiero Amandola while he was reporting on a Juventus-Naples football match, predictably, caused a stink.  Hence his suspension. Amandola’s oddball cultural observation led to a storm of protest, and not […]

Help Milan Honour the Memory of Courageous Journalist Anna Politkovskaya

Memorial to Anna Politkovskaya, in Paris

Anna Politkovskaya was a Russian journalist who was murdered in 2006 simply for doing her job.  It is unknown to this day who ordered her killing. Italians can empathise with Anna Politkovskaya. As Anna herself once wrote, “I see everything, this is the problem”.  Seeing is one thing, being brave enough to write about it […]

How to Make Money from Corruption

Surprisingly, this is not going to be about all virtually daily revelations concerning corruption which seem to be rocking Italy in this period. It’s not even going to be about Silvio Berlusconi, despite that fact that an appeal court recently decided that Italy’s prime minister was instrumental in an episode of corruption which occurred in […]

Interview: Guardian & Economist Journalist John Hooper

Rome Correspondent John Hooper

I’ve been reading Guardian and Economist journalist and Rome correspondent John Hooper’s articles on events in Italy for some time, then I found John Hooper tweeting on Twitter.

One day, John Hooper actually started following my newsfromitaly persona on Twitter, which meant I could send him a private message. Not that I thought he would agree, but ever hopeful, I fired off a private Tweet to ask him if he’d like to do an interview, albiet via email, for Much to my delight (and surprise), he kindly agreed.

Here is the result, and I hope you like the questions I posed to John Hooper, and I suspect you’ll find his responses interesting – I certainly did.

Jokingly Smearing the Boss

Emma Marcegaglia

Emma Marcegaglia is quite an exceptional woman. She’s the head of Confindustria – Italy’s employers’ confederation. To reach such a position in a society as male dominated as Italy is one heck of an achievement. And Marcegaglia is not token head either, oh no. She could never be described as a shrinking violet.

Il Fatto Quotidiano on Show

Il Fatto Quotidiano, an Italian newspaper, and, now, a website with a taste for reporting on all that is not well with Italy is now on display with all the other Italian national newspapers at our local news-stand here in Milan. Before, as it was not on display, I had to ask for a copy of Il Fatto Quotidiano.

BBC’s John Simpson Awarded 2010 Ischia Prize

This year’s Premio Ischia, Ischia Prize for International Journalism is to be awarded to renown British journalist John Simpson. Now the BBC’s world affairs editor, Sir John Simpson has reported on countless events of global significance.

A Journalism Talent Contest now sports a little Jobs link at the very top of this page. Before you think this site has been taken over, or that it’s making gazillions, you should know that the Jobs section is an initiative designed to help aspiring young Italian journalists become, er, journalists, via a kind of talent contest.