Can EU and Italy Employment Figures be Trusted?

The answer to the ‘Can EU and Italy Employment Figures be Trusted?’ question posed by the title of this post is ‘No, they cannot be’. Why? I’ll explain. I came across Italy’s definition of ’employed’ by chance while scanning the comments on an article about, well, employment figures. Here’s Italy’s official statistics agency ISTAT’s definition: […]

The First Jobs Created by Italy’s Jobs Act?

Yesterday, Fiat-Chrysler announced the creation of 1,500 new jobs at its Melfi plant in Italy. 1,000 of these jobs will be new and it is likely the new workers will be taken on under the terms of a new form of permanent employment contract created by Italy’s Jobs Act employment law reform – once the reform […]

Italy’s Union Crushing Left Slides to the Right

Heading in a better direction?

Strange as it may seem, or perhaps not, knowing it’s happening in Italy, the nation’s once union-friendly supposedly left-leaning PD democratic party is no longer union friendly. Under the leadership of Matteo Renzi, the PD is locking horns with Italy’s unions. The unions are not at all happy that their old friends have suddenly turned […]

Is Italy’s Jobs Act A Waste of Time?

Italy’s Matteo Renzi led government is attempting to make the nation’s employment market work. Enter the Jobs Act which, it is hoped, will get Italians back to work. Well, that’s the intention. Italian governments before Mr Renzi’s have attempted to drag Italy’s stodgy employment market a little closer to the 21st century in the hope of creating jobs. […]

Italy’s Jobs Act – a Non-Reform So Far


Last week, amid much pomp and circumstance combined with heaps of back patting, Italy’s current prime minister Matteo Renzi managed to push a reading of the Jobs Act employment law reform bill though Italy’s upper house. The debate surrounding the reform was not without incident: a punch, and even a book, was thrown; discussions were interrupted after […]

What You Need to Know about Italy’s Jobs Act

The Senate in Rome is debating Premier Renzi’s Jobs Act. There is some doubt about whether the reform will pass in its present form or if some modification will be made. The Jobs Act is a central platform of Renzi’s Italy reform program that also includes, judicial, electoral, bureaucratic and constitutional reforms. There is universal agreement […]

Employment Law Reforms in Italy and the Controversial Jobs Act

Heading in a better direction?

Italy’s Renzi led government is wrestling with the sticky issue of employment law reforms has given its reform proposals the “Jobs Act”. No, that is not a translation. Italy’s government has indeed decided to give its attempt at employment law reform an English title. The Jobs Act is Italy’s fourth attempt in the new millenium to improve employment […]

Bad and Good Employers in Italy

Are Italian companies bad employers, or are Italians bad bosses?  The answer seems to be yes, and no. Some people do seem to think so.  Italy Chronicles reader Terry who works down in Rome was not at all complimentary about Italian employers.  Terry, with great respect, is but one person, but I cannot entirely disagree […]

Italy’s Labor Law Reforms Which Aren’t

Italy’s Mario Monti government appears to be becoming weaker with every day that passes.  This does not bode well for the passing of much needed labor reforms which may encourage Italy’s businesses to employ more Italians. A big problem for Italy is that the labor reforms currently before Italy’s parliament won’t actually reform anything much. […]