Guess Where in Italy – Part 16

Can You Guess Where this Photograph was Taken in Italy?

Time for a Guess Where in Italy photograph to get you thinking over this coming weekend.  This is the sixteenth in this series of images of corners of Italy for Italy Chronicles inquisitive readers to pore over. I suspect some readers will get the answer quite quickly.  Passing Italians should not find it too hard […]

Let Bloggers Boost Tourism To Italy

Just one of Thousands of Italy's Attractions

Italy is a haven for tourism. It’s got just about everything tourists look for: good climate, great food and wine, attractions galore, culture, and plenty of seaside – and that’s just during the summer! When temperatures drop, it snows in Italy’s many mountains, much to the delight of skiers. Yes, Italy can attract tourism pretty […]

Jovanotti – Le Tasche Piene Di Sassi

Time for some Italian music. This song: Le Tasche Piene Di Sassi – Pockets Full of Stones – by Italian singer Jovanotti reached number three on ChartItalia’s top 100 hits in Italy listing for last week. It’s a melancholy little number, which possibly sums up the mood in Italy at the moment. You can also […]

Guess Where in Italy? Part 15

Where is this Castle in Italy?

The last Guess Where in Italy? post certainly got quite a few people guessing, with the distorted photograph causing quite a few problems! Well, seeing as I like to keep people guessing, here is Part 15 of this fun quiz to help people get to know Italy.

Italy, even if it does n0t make great play of the fact, has plenty of castles dotted around the country. Some fall into the fairytale category, while others would not look too out of place in the film such as Lord of the Rings or some medieval romp or other.

How well do you know Italy’s castles? Let’s see with this week’s photo manipulated brain teaser!

Guess Where in Italy? Part 14

Can you guess which city this is in Italy?

In this episode of the Guess Where in Italy series you will see an novel image of place in Italy. Can you guess where this place is?

You have until Wednesday to provide the answer via a comment, and this quiz is just for fun.

See how well you know Italy by guessing the city featured in this photograph of Italy.

Guess Where in Italy? Part 13

Can You Guess Where this Footprint can be Found in Italy?

For a little fun this Befana day in Italy, here’s a Guess Where in Italy post.

This is not an easy one, well, I don’t think it is that easy, but knowing the bright sparks out there, I’m fairly sure someone will guess where this footprint can be found in Italy.

Italians – Masters of Quality and Quantity

Ray Lamothe of Tuscan Enterprises made an interesting comment while I was spending some time in his company down on his hilltop Casamonti farm in Tuscany this summer. Ray said that Italy is good at the mass producing quality items.

Italy, One, P2, P3

Strange days in Italy. Whilst digging into illicit goings on surrounding the awarding of contracts for wind farms in Sardinia, Italy’s carabinieri police appear to have uncovered the insidious sequel to a mysterious illegal masonic group known as Propaganda 2, or P2 for short. Italy’s press have wasted no time in labelling the sequel, Propaganda 3. Or P3 for short.

Italian News Fragments from July 2010

It’s hot here. Summer was a little late in coming this year, but it’s well and truly here now. I’m keeping busy, which is good, but I’m finding less time to blog about Italy, which is not so good. Here’s a little of what his happening in Italy at the moment.