The most interesting places in Italy

That’s a difficult one, but if I was pressed, I would say first Venice and then, Pompei.  There are also a million and one other things that will take your breath away, and I could go on for ages, but I won’t.  Not this time anyway.

Short Holiday

Last week we hopped on the train and headed for the La Francesca tourist village down on the coat not far from Genova and quite near to Le Cinque Terre.  We stayed in a wee appartment which had a wonderful terrace – about as big as the appartment – and the view from the terrace […]

Speeding fines in Italy, again, and Pisa…

It’s official, the article in the Telegraph I read while I was in the UK would seem to indicate that Euro traffic fines will shortly be with us. The same article is available on-line here.  Although this change comes into effect in March 2007, as some who have read this blog will have noticed, the […]

Christmas Fair – Sant Ambrogio

I went to the street fair twice at the weekend.  First I wandered around with a friend of mine from Genova, who bought a vegetable chopping thingy and a silly scarf stroke hat thing and then other half, my son and myself had another good look round on Sunday.  The weather was also better on […]

Lovely day and a holiday

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Milan and this is made all the better by the fact that it is also a national holiday. Milan is unnaturally quiet for a Wednesday. Apparently the temperature will drop dramatically in the next few days as winter arrives in its usual sudden fashion. The balmy 20 degree […]

Downhill fun

Time for another entry, seeing as the on-line supermarket seems to be off-line at the moment. It very nicely waited until I had shoved everything into the on-line shopping trolley and told it what time I wanted everything to turn up, and it suddenly took umbridge at the fact that I wanted to pay on-line. […]