We’re off the Italian alpine resort of Bardonecchia shortly! I’m looking forward to this weekend in the mountains, and after seeing the You Tube video presentation of this area, I’m even more keen on being there!

Roccaraso Ski Video

Off the skied piste resort Roccaraso is somewhere I’ve already written about, so I thought you may like to see the slopes in all their snowy glory, seeing as it is the time of the year when people are thinking about booking ski holidays.

Summer Holiday Thoughts

It’s looks as though we may be heading for Corsica this year, as long as I can overcome the other half’s worries about our little pup eating our friends’ non-puppy friendly little son, that is. I’m quite keen, especially after hearing from an Italian friend that Corsica is probably more beautiful than Sardinia. Not sure […]

Summer Hols 2007, part 3.

Sorry about the time it took me to get round to writing about this – I got carried away on other stuff. Seeing as the weather had been holding up, towards the end of week one of our Tuscany 2007 holidays we decided to go for a day-long boat trip (35 Euros, with lunch, I […]

Summer Hols 2007, part 2.

On another day of our Tuscan hols, and while our respective other halves relaxed, Claudio and I took the wee ones off to the Uccellina Park which was about half an hour south of us.  This park, which is an example of Mediterranean coastal woodland, is lovely.  There are plenty of walks and a sandy […]

My office – I wish!

I shot this on the island of Giglio. ‘Ufficio’ means office in Italian and the little red sign, if you cannot read it, says ‘back soon’! The perfect office, possibly??!!

Summer Hols 2007, part 1.

Yes, I know it is a mite unoriginal for an Englishman to holiday in Tuscany seeing as part of the area has even earned the nickname ‘Chiantishire’ as a result of the numbers of Britons that frequent the area. But you can’t really blame them, the area is beautiful, the wine good and, on the […]

Tuscan summer and socks.

First, apologies for not having mentioned that I was off on my hols for three weeks. I did not say anything for a reason, but thinking about it now, my reason was possibly not a good enough excuse. Anyway , too late now. My summer, as you will have guessed from the title, was spent […]

Watch it!

Be careful around Milan’s central station at the moment, particularly the area shown in the photo. There is a band of kids who specialise in stealing things from handbags operating in this area. They are bold and quite adept and have even gained some media attention with some items on the news here, accompanied by […]