9mm Milan

Up to now I thought it was only American home owners who kept guns to repel invaders.
Well, here in Milan more than a few people are packing pistols, as an interesting article in Milan’s freebie newspaper DNews mentioned yesterday.

Making Me Pay

In response to my scurrilous insinuation that slow food is for old people with time on their hands, and therefore just not fast enough for us fast moving modern types, Judith Greenwood sent me one of her very quick to rustle up recipes to try.

Sleeping with the Enemy?

Italy’s two main political parties are often shortened by the media to the PD and the PDL. At times it is difficult to understand which political party is being referred to. Recently, things have become much more confusing. At the best of times Italian politics is a confused muddled affair. Indeed, things are becoming so […]

Should Google Maps be Used for This?

For some reason, a little bird has told me that people have been hunting for a map of prostitutes working the streets of Milan. “Does such a thing exist?”, I wondered, and hopped onto the www to find out. Well, at one point some ,presumably, Italians had managed to place such a map on Google […]

Progressively Increasing Lateness Syndrome

It all seemed so straightforward.  Simply take the train to Voghera, a small town 50 kilometers or so from Milan, where we would be picked up by some friends, so we could spend an nice relaxing afternoon in the hills not far from the big sweaty metropolis.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

What is the Right Food for an Italian Commie?

This week’s Food and Wine Friday feature takes a look at Berluconi’s arch rivals, the Italian communists, and examines the Italian dishes those with egalitarian ideologies lean towards. From my article on commie hating Italian prime minister Silvio Berluconi’s favourite Italian dish, Billionaires Beef, you may remember that this staunch right winger goes for a […]

Looking for an Italian English Reader?

Are you trying to learn Italian? If so, then there is an on-line Italian English reader service which may help you. By using an Italian English reader, you can see the differences between English and Italian grammar, revise and develop your vocabulary, and, indirectly, raise your chances of being able to hold conversations in Italian. […]

iPhone Websites in Italy

Well, Italians now have iPhones, but how has the Italian web reacted to the every growing thirst for information about Apple’s latest cult product? Yes, this week Blog from Italy is focusing on Italy’s summer hit – the Apple iPhone. In this post, I’ll show you which iPhone websites turn up on the first page […]